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We had all four of our DC TV shows return to the screen this week - or will have, in Constantine's case (which I am bashing myself over not having watched yet), and sadly it'll be the last time until at least January. Arrow's off next week (sob with me), Gotham has its midseason finale...but Arrow/Flash in two weeks makes it all worth it, right? The answer is yes.


This week we met ADA Harvey Dent in [Gotham](series:1127075), in an explosive (hur hur) episode. Next week is the midseason finale, which is rumored to be very Alfred-centric, and we'll see Bruce targeted by assassins, no doubt trying to cover the Wayne murders in what will be a "defining moment" for his future life. Speculation on the assassin ranges from randoms to the likes of Lady Shiva, so we'll have to wait and see. It looks very good, is what's worth saying.

The Flash

In this week's [The Flash](series:1068303) we met Girder, the supersonic punch, and he got his name! Next week, we meet Farooq/Blackout - whatever the show opts to call him - and see the reintroduction of the Clock King from way back in the middle of Arrow's season two.


No [Arrow](series:720988) next week. Cry with me. Instead, enjoy the awesome Captain Boomerang debut, and I'm sure you can rewatch Cupid's murderous spree and Katana's awesome and the introduction of the Atom suit. Here, have GIFs.

Also, it's interesting to note in the middle of the season's first half, with no big advertising or hype, (that's being saved for Flash VS Arrow) Arrow hit number seven on IMDB's Moviemeter, against all other shows and movies out today. I'm sensing an enormous spike in interest and popularity for both Arrow and Flash as they start to get a lot of media attention.

BUT: The Flash/Arrow - Crossover Time

Two weeks from now, the two pair up in the most anticipated team-up of the year (TV Guide said it, not me) in part one of the two night crossover - and we got our first photos today. You can check them out here, courtesy of the lovely GreenArrowTV/ (two great websites) here. Like them on Facebook, too. (Not paid to say this, I genuinely think they're excellent haha!)

Here's a quick couple:

The Flash and Arrow...
The Flash and Arrow...
...Barry Allen and Oliver Queen.
...Barry Allen and Oliver Queen.

And, courtesy of this week's Arrow, a tiny snippet trailer, with more after next week's Flash:


A Feast for Friends, very close to a Hellblazer comic arc, has been met with very positive reviews from fans this week. Danse Vaudou is tomorrow night, followed by Rage of Caliban, for which I shall insert the trailer upon it's uploading. They're typically not overly high quality trailers (in terms of pixels, not content) so I apologize for that - it'll be up soon, at any rate.

And, here it is, not great quality but the best out there.

That's it until next week!


Who do you think threatened Detective West- i.e. who is Professor Zoom/Reverse Flash?


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