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A while back I was perusing the available titles on Netflix. I was getting close to finishing the classic British comedy, Red Dwarf, I needed something else to watch. At the time I decided something other than Dr. Who. (Don't worry, I have since begun Dr. Who) But during my search I saw little I had much interest in, until I saw "Primeval". Ok, that didn't catch my attention so much as it was the still used. Four main characters, two of whom you see in the above photo, looked in general the direction of the camera, a barely visable bowling alley behind them. Not too awe inspiring until you look at what is directly above them, an abstract light show with two raptors launching themselves halfway out towards them, with their dagger-like claws ready to strike, and fierce mouths ready to bite. It was a, "Hello, you have my attention" moment.

After watching the pilot, I was hooked. I highly recommend checking it out. The show is about a rag tag team of scientists who become a part of a secret government team when rips in time (that abstract light show) start allowing all sorts of prehistoric creatures wander around modern day London. Referred to in the show as Anomalies, they appear without warning one at a time, each leading to a different period in time. Raptors, t-Rex, fungi, sabertooth tigers, dodos, hyenadons, over-sized leaches, spiders, centipedes, scorpions, just about anything you can think of makes it through to modern day and wreaks havoc until the intrepid heroes are able to successfully send the creatures back to their time.

This is what brought me to Roanoke. Everybody knows the story of the Roanoke, it's 5th grade social studies. The colonists arrive only to disappear shortly after, leaving no trace of where they went. And henceforth, my theory: the colonists of Roanoke encountered an Anomaly, and all went through. Perhaps someone's kin was taken, and the rescue party was led to the Anomaly in their efforts to find their kin. All Anomalies within the show eventually close after varying periods of time, is it so hard to imagine the colonists could simply have gotten trapped in a time period not their own?


What do you think of my theory?


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