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Legends of the Knight is a new documentary that interweaves true stories of individuals that endured devastating trials, found self awareness, or unselfishly gave back to the people, children, and their communities. All while embracing and growing their inner superhero driven by their love of Batman. Batman fans, writers, and filmmakers come together in one film to tell their personal tales of how Batman helped them find themselves, their infinite possibilities of being a hero, and ability to encourage others to find their own personal unique path to heroism. The legend of Batman means something different to each and everyone one of us. So I ask you before reading on, take a moment and ask yourself what does Batman mean to you? Who is he to you? and What does he stand for?

Ask these same questions to a child, you may get a simple response that we all feel connected too. That Batman does not have any powers, he does not need them to be a hero. Even though he lives in a life of darkness, he himself is a creator of light and hope for his city Gotham. He is there to make Gotham a better place, showing making a difference is never easy or quick fix. Choosing this life, he knows his sacrifices are meant for a much larger picture, he chooses to face these challenges with a mentality that never accept giving in or up as a solution. Enduring this world of darkness so others do not.

Kye Sapp as our Dark Knight
Kye Sapp as our Dark Knight

Batman shows us, we as individuals can make these same choices in our personal lives and battles. That he too is just a man like you and I, that with will power one can become a light for few or even thousands.

Lenny Robinson
Lenny Robinson

Brett Culp's Legends Of The Knight explores the ideals behind Batman, the modern folklore he has become, and personal tales of 12 individuals whose lives have been changed, inspired by, and molded by his legend. Each one of these unique individuals tell their personal story of how Batman has influenced and changed their worlds. Everyone describing a moment, as Michaeal Ulsan calls it " Bruce Wayne Vow" moment. The vow in which one makes when they realize the strength they have to get through their own personal battles, achieving a goal, or path to giving back; Is no different then that of Bruce Waynes, that their moment of weakness is overcome by the strength they have with in themselves to be themselves and express their worlds through the lens of comics. To share what Batman has given to each of them, in hopes to inspire others to find their own personal paths to heroism.

Petaluma Batman
Petaluma Batman

The film shows fans, that Batman is much bigger then a comic story for children to enjoy. That it can help an individual find a piece of their worlds with in these stories, helping people open up in ways they were not aware of or could before. Helping some of them to find away to get within themselves and express themselves in ways that approached in normal social setting they would naturally shy, tense, or stress out from. While giving some others explanation of the real world through a fictional world. What ever the reason, the stories all seem to have a common end, in changing fans lives and perspectives. Helping them endure and overcome battles that would normally crumble another. Showing anyone can be Batman, anyone can be a hero.

Brian Elliott
Brian Elliott

Legends of the Knight shows us that the man behind the mask is you, that he is me, your friends, family, or even that stranger you pass by on the street. Batman is more than just a story, he is an ideal in which all of us can recognize with in ourselves. We have the strength to change this world for the better, for the good of self and others. We are BATMAN!

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  • A thank you to Brett Culp, Crew, Virigil films, and all the fans that contributed to this project! Please check out this amazing film, I promise you will emotionally be pulled in by this moving film!

Meet The Hero's:

Denny O'Neil
As a comic book writer & editor, Denny redefined Batman for contemporary audiences. He is one of the most important & prolific Batman storytellers of the 20th century.

Micheal Ulsan

Because of his love for Batman, Michael spent more than a decade convincing Hollywood executives that a serious Dark Knight would connect with audiences. He has served as Executive Producer of every Batman film since 1989.

Lenny B Robinson
Famous for being pulled over by police in his Batmobile wearing a full costume, Lenny visits children's hospitals around the country spreading inspiration & hope.

Jill Pantozzi
As a superhero fan and journalist, Jill has found inspiration for her real-life challenges with MS in the characters of Batman stories. Check out her website

Kye Sapp
At age 5, Kye was diagnosed with leukemia. Throughout treatment, he gained strength by identifying himself with Batman. With initial treatment, he gained strength by identifying himself with Batman. With initial treatment complete, his hometown of Arlington granted him a magical Batman wish.

Petaluma Batman
Full-time student, part-time coummunity servant. Petaluma Batman raises money & does good deeds in his hometown in California. His idenity remains a mystery...
Keep up with Petaluma Batman and his adventures through his facebook page!

Rabbi Cary Friedman
The stories of Batman have profoundly impacted Cary since childhood. This motivated him to write the book "Wisdom from the Batcave", which expresses the life lessons & moral teachings in Batman tales.

Dr. Travis Langley
Combining his expertise in psychology with is passion for Batman, Professor Langley has taught a Batman course & written a book that illuminates the field of psychology through the characters & stories of Batman.

Gotham Chopra
Driven to explore the connection between ancient & modern storytelling, Gotham co-authored the book "Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheroes" with his father, Deepark Chopra.

Brian Elliott
Working as a missionary in Thailand, Brain raises funds for humanitarian projects around the globe by running marathons in a Batman outfit

Patrick O'Connor
Patrick uses Batman comic book as a tool for therapy, allowing him to explore challenging topics with his clients in a familiar, relaxed context.

Daniel Scott
While facing real life physical challenges, Daniel uses Batman as a symbol to overcome & stretch his limits.

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