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Jerome Maida

"The Martial Arts Kid" Co-Producer Ryan Westheimer says he was honored, lucky and blessed to be working with all the action movie legends and World Champion martial artists that populate the cast of "The Martial Arts Kid" when it filmed this past June.

However, he says young phenoms - and World Champions - Nassim Faras "Young Dragon" Lahrizi and Jesse-Jane "JJ Golden Dragon" McParland definitely stood out!

Westheimer says Lahrizi, who is nine and Mcparland, who is eight have to be spoken about "in the same breath".

"These are kids", says Westheimer. They're children - I mean, what they can do - the not just me, but everyone that's on set from (producers) to extras to crew."

"Everyone stopped when they started doing their thing", Westheimer continued. "I mean, it was unbelievable to see these KIDS do what most people can't do after 30 years of training".

Westheimer says even more than their ability, the enthusiasm Lahrizi and McParland displayed during filming was infectious.

"Both of them always had a smile on their face", says Westheimer. "J.J. just lit up the room. She's so cute."

Westheimer also has nothing but praise for the parents of the twin phenoms.

"They were just so amazing in being there for their children and being there for their children and being there for what we were trying to do", says Westheimer. "When we were shooting it was such a pleasure to have them around."

Westheimer truly feels that Lahrizi and McParland "brightened" the set.

"(They're) just really, really sweet kids, but when you see the things they do , you almost forget they're children", says Westheimer. "They're such kids when they're being kids and then as soon as they jump in to (do) what they do, - their talents and abilities as martial artists - it's like it's not even the same people."

"It's amazing".


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