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The smoke has cleared from Marvel's big announcement on their whole Phase 3 plans and movie line up. That means now comes the time to start piecing all the clues together on how we will go forth into [The Avengers: Infinity War](movie:738027). Before we dive into the Infinity War there is one more important war we have to get through and that is Civil War. The war between our heroes must be fought before we can even get to Thanos and all the intergalactic goodies that are bound to come with it. Marvels no strangers to setting up events that lead into bigger parts of the overall story which is what I'm guessing will be happening in Age Of Ultron with Black Panther.

I don't believe [Black Panther](movie:9047) will be showing up in Age Of Ultron but that's not saying his enemy Klaw won't be a big part of the story. I believe Klaw will be one of the big factors on how Ultron is able to upgrade with the indestructible Vibranium which is only available in Wakanda. All of you who are not familiar with Wakanda might be wondering whats that got to do with Black Panther well T'Challa a.k.a Black Panther is the king there! There's also the part where Klaw murders T'Challa's father T'Chaka to take the Vibranium from him but that's another article. This brings up an interesting question though and that is what does Ulysses Klaw do that drive Black Panther to come forth and that is most likely raid Wakanda and take every single ounce of Vibranium available for Ultron. Once Black Panther realizes whats happening he will come looking for Klaw but also Ultron's creator who is none other than our beloved Tony Stark who's probably going to be public enemy number 1 in this movie not just by fellow Avengers but the world.

We already know Tony isn't exactly liked by any of our heroes from the trailers and also that clip that was shown with him and Steve chopping wood. I mean the man does create a world dominant psychopathic murdering robot whose sole intent is the human extinction. That's enough reason already to put Tony on the bad list now imagine Black Panther whose home is completely devastated by this creations hunger to be even stronger. There's no way he wouldn't want to come to Tony and give him a piece of his mind and I'm sure he will find his way in a crucial time for the Avenger's. I believe once the dust is settled with Ultron and our heroes feel less united will be the time when all is questioned which will erupt the Civil War many of us have seen coming for a while now.

Captain America on one side defending Superhero rights and on the other you have Iron Man who believe beings with great powers should be monitored for the better of all mankind. The battle will most definitely be heated but not as much as when Black Panther will step into the picture and we see him take out his anger over Wakanda on Stark and also Rogers. We will most likely see Tony try to win T'Challa over to his side explaining how sorry he is for what happened to his home and how his idea of a more safe world will prevent anything like that ever happening again. Then on the other side you'll have Roger's explaining to Black Panther how this can jeopardize things even more and also how Stark's past errors almost cost the end of the world. I don't believe Black Panther will take a side so quickly in the beginning of this movie as many people say he will take Spiderman's role in this story-line like in the comics. I just don't believe it would be in the character of Black Panther to side with Tony and reveal his true identity to the world and also the identity situation wont be a big deal in this Civil War rendition. I do strongly believe in one thing though and that is for either Tony or Steve having Black Panther on their side will be a big turning factor for either side or will he simply be a neutral hero and try to have our heroes be at peace with each other?


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