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Now, Jurassic World may still be eight whole months away from its June 12, 2015 release date, but that's no reason to be any less excited about the prospect of giant prehistoric lizards returning to our screens, and eating popular character actors for our cinematic pleasure.

It's also, it seems, just close enough to the release of the movie for its viral marketing campaign to kick into gear - with the launch of the website for the Masrani Corporation, who have, it seems, acquired InGen, who created Jurassic Park's original dinosaurs.

The best part about that viral site, though?

It gives us our first look at what seems to be ...

The Only Returning Cast Member

That's right, Dr. Henry Wu is back!

And he's aged really well...

Now, we already knew that BD Wong would be returning to the franchise as the good doctor, but it's awesome to see that not only has he seemingly been given a decent sized part, but that Henry's clearly done well for himself.

That isn't all, though. We also get a glimpse of...

Masrani Himself

As played by the inimitable Irrfan Khan.

The big question there, though, is whether Masrani will end up being the cuddly, John Hammond-like sort of prehistoric park owner - or something somewhat more villainous. After all, Khan can play both in his sleep...

We also, though, get a chance to see...

Brand New Dino Eggs

Which apparently now come with QR codes...which is actually pretty awesome.

Something tells me that's going to come into play in the movie, too.

We also get a glimpse of...

An Actual (Dead) Dinosaur

Though odds are we'll get to see a living cousin or two pretty darned soon.

And, intriguingly, this...

Awesome In-World Advertising

Which comes in both purple and blue - and gives us one of our best looks yet at just how the island will look.

My personal favorite? The monorail, and all the potential disasters that come along with it...

There is, though, one more tease hidden within the site - this job description for a potential intern:

"Intern Genetic Biologist
International Genetic Technologies are looking for fresh young graduates to join their scientific team in San Diego, CA. Must be highly enthusiastic and keen to learn new skills and methodologies. Availability to travel is a must."

Anyone else want to bet that we're about to see Jurassic World through the eyes of a newly arrived Genetic Biologist Intern?

Either way, Jurassic World is looking pretty darned awesome to me...

What do you guys think, though?


You excited for Jurassic World?

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