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Since Jennifer Lawrence descended from the stuffy celebrity heavens on a fluffy pizza cloud of carefree loveliness, she has captured the nation's hearts with her, ummm, unique ways.

Despite JLaw's fame snowballing to even more enormous proportions with every passing day, the 24-year-old actress continued to keep it real at [The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1](movie:446261) premiere and the results were, predictably, super GIFable!

So, prepare yourself to do some serious friend crushing thanks to these awesome GIFs from MTV because things are about to go full blown JLaw. You have been warned.

Talk About Making an Entrance!

J-Law doesn't need to arrive in a giant egg like Gaga to steal the show, all this silver screen stunner needs is a run up and some dinosaur noises.


She Even Has Her Own language!

I'm so jealous of Josh Hutcherson right now, he's clearly fluent.


It's Getting Hot in Here

I would be flustered if i was sandwiched between Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson too, hun.


I'm Guessing it Was Quite... Fitted?

Hemsworth shares his favorite thing about JLaw's Mockingjay battle armor.


A Tale of Two Lawrences

While JLaw could start a party in a nunnery, director Francis Lawrence (no relation, obviously!) had to adopt a heavy handed approach to manage his unruly young charges on set.


Francis Lawrence: Director and Part Time Jedi

Clearly Jedi mind control is the only way to keep this rabble in hand.


Back Up, Bitch!

Nobody films that close to the JLaw. Have some respect, goddammit!


Do you think JLaw owned the Mockingjay Part 1 Premiere?

(Source: MTV)


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