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When you think bathroom, is your first thought 'horror'?

Well, unless you're currently reading this while brushing your teeth or performing certain private bodily functions, or are currently watching Psycho, I'm guessing it probably wasn't.

Don't worry, though, that's about to change - in the greatest way possible.

As it turns out, there's an entire bathroom's worth of bad-ass horror accessories, home-ware and bloody, brutal awesomeness out there on the internet - and once you start looking for it, it's almost impossible to stop.

Here then, for your eye-looking pleasure, are the constituent elements of the greatest horror bathroom of all time...

First up:

The Shower Curtain from Hell

Or, rather, from a nightmarish netherworld of awesomely designed bathroom fixtures (otherwise known as Sourpuss).

The terrifying curtain is the natural centerpiece to any deeply creepy bathroom - if only because it'll freak the hell out of all your visitors the moment they come in.

Of course, to maximize the effect, you could also add, from the same website...

The Bloodiest Shower Gel in the World

Which, worryingly, we know the blood type of...

And which is presumably refillable - though I'm not going to speculate what with.

Another key component, though is...

A Blood-Stained Bath Mat

Because, of course you do. It's not as thought the bath mat'd escape unscathed from the implied bloodshed.

Fortunately, Flashwear have you covered (in blood).

What about the blood on your hands, though? Well, you can get that off with...

Bloody Towels of Varying Sizes

Which, depending on your needs, can come in either hand towel form (on the left, from Sourpuss) or as a beach towel (on the right, from Liviana at Cafepress).

Because, let's be honest, your horror accessory needs could easily stretch to a beach holiday.

For the final touch, though, you may well want to add...

Some Bloody Accents

Because, of course, every bathroom is different - so, for some, a Saw-style wall clock would perfectly bring the room together, whereas for others, a blood-smeared lampshade would be far more effective.

Either way, both are available from Horror Decor. And are hopefully not covered in actual blood.

The big question remains, though...


Which bloody item would you most want in your bathroom?


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