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It's hard to believe we've only got two more Walking Dead episodes left until the mid-season finale. It seems like only yesterday that we were watching the Season 5 premiere and seeing Carol busting Rick and the gang out of Terminus in a hail of bullets and awesome.

With so little time to go until the zompocalypse drama is gone from our screens, we should cherish every second we have left, starting with these super-intense promos for Sunday's episode, "Crossed."

It seems pretty clear that we're building towards a big battle between Rick's group and the dudes holding Beth and Carol over at the hospital, and it looks like "Crossed" will deal with Noah's request to get "bigger guns and more people."

The march to war is underway

First they get weaponed-up

And then a plan is hatched

Carol won't take it lying down...

And Beth is ready to crack some skulls

And here are the bigger guns Noah requested

After witnessing the brutality inflicted by the Rick and the group on the cannibals from Terminus, those guys over at the hospital are in for a whole heap of pain.

You can check out the promo in full below:

The sneak peek at "Crossed" sees Beth plead with Officer Dawn to save the life of the hospital's newest patient. Will she succeed?


Will Rick be able to save Carol and Beth?


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