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Dancing around in the buff might not quite be an extreme sport, but it does have its own unique areas of peril to watch out for, and who better to teach us about them than the smoldering Channing Tatum?

In an interview for Esquire Magazine, the buff [Magic Mike XXL](movie:452782) star explained that rehearsals with his fellow cast members can be a little awkward thanks to the nudity. Chan told interviewers that:

There are a lot of apologies. A lot of ‘I’m sorry that ran into your chin’ and ‘Let me take my thigh off your neck'

Although the 34-year-old actor might be totally au fait with whipping his clothes off thanks to his past as a Florida based stripper, Chan admitted that learning to wrestler for [Foxcatcher](movie:264060) was a lot more challenging.

Tatum describes his co-star, the real life Olympic wrestler Mark Schultz, as a formidable opponent who is more than capable of throwing his impressive frame around like a piece of tissue paper. Channing explained that:

He’s even intense when he eats eggs. He’s still scary to get on the mats with. My third or fourth time wrestling, there I am with this technician of the sport, an all-time great, a really violent wrestler who can bend me in half pretty easily. He did, too. Crushed me

Don't worry that you find wrestling hard though Chan, we much prefer your stripping side anyhow. Right, ladies?


How do you like your Channing?

(Source: Gossip Cop via Esquire)


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