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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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Ready to reignite that age old schoolyard argument over who would win in a fight between your favorite superheroes? I know I'm always ready! But what would happen if the battleground was shaken up a bit to include some of the most iconic video game characters?

Well the guys at CorridorDigital have thrown a kerosene can on the flames and created an amazing video which pits Thor, Captain America, and Wolverine against Master Chief (Halo), Ash Ketchum (Pokemon Animated Series), Alyx Vance (Half Life 2), and a blocky guy from Minecraft (...Minecraft) to see who would take the spoils as Most Awesome Person That Can Beat Your Dad. Check it out!

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Bring it.

Mine The Gap

Here we have the blocky guy doing his mining thing. He comes across something a little familiar to us by now...

The Tesseract

That troublesome cube of ultimate power has made its way to the world of Minecraft. Why couldn't it have stayed in the ocean?


Blocky guy is about to share the spoils of his dig with his buddies Master Chief, Ash, and Alyx. Bet they'll be pleased with the find...

Black Hole Sun

After finding out, from Cortana, that the blue cube is in fact the tesseract from another dimension, blocky guy believes it should be returned. But Master Chief has other ideas - all too late it seems...

Enter Marvel Heroes

Thor, Cap, and Wolverine believe that in the hands of mortals, the tesseract proves to be a great danger. But they aren't dealing with mere mortals, are they?

Battle Commences

Master Chief isn't going to hand over the tesseract without a fight. LET'S GET IT ON!

Logan's down for it!

Alyx has the smarts to deshield Cap.

And take out Wolverine once and for all...

Our favorite Pokemon trainer is getting his Ash handed to him by Cap...

Alyx is pure badass...

Firing Captain America into the distance and giving him a taste of roof.

Thor taking on Master Chief is epic. Mjölnir taking down Chief's shields and generally just beating him up.

Icing on the cake: Thor being sucked into a Master Ball. Absolute genius!

When you have a chance, watch it! This video is absolute gold! Makes me kinda wish I was a kid in the latest generation. I could never imagine the racer from Game Boy's Wave Race taking on Hulk.

(Source: CorridorDigital)


This video was super cool, wasn't it?


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