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Hi Community! I thought I would take this opportunity to discuss a question we're often asked from our creators:

Why do you edit my posts?

Let me first explain a little about what we're trying to achieve at Most of you know that we are a platform offering a voice to fans around the world, and connecting them to an audience of millions. However, we are also a publisher, one of the largest on Facebook and we're always striving to reach new heights. To make this happen, we need to establish some guidelines when it comes to content; from format to tone, style, images, titles and the content itself.

That's where you come in. When you publish an awesome post on Creators and we think it's the right fit for our social pages, the first thing we want to do is share it with the world. Before we can do this though, we need to ensure that your post is judged by the same standards as our staff writers, and that means making basic edits to match the style of content we're putting out from our in-house content creators. Our SEO team also optimize some of your posts to include related keywords in order to attract new readers from google search.

However, we always take your feedback into account when making decisions that affect you, which helps us to shape the way we run the site. Some of you have expressed a wish for your posts not to be optimized, so... we're giving you some options!

The choice is always yours

There's checkbox in your settings which gives you the choice to opt-out of optimization. We understand that not all of our creators wish to be optimized and promoted by us. However, please do note that if you choose to opt-out, this means that unless your post is already considered perfect from when you hit 'publish' (i.e. meets all our requirements for promotion) then we most likely won't be able to feature it on Facebook, Twitter, Google or our websites (Movie Pilot, Now Loading and Champions).

So, if you do wish to continue to be featured by us, you can always discuss any changes we make to your posts that you're unhappy with. If you feel a title/ image change doesn't match the content, you are welcome to change it back, or as some creators have begun to do- adopt a happy medium.

Below is a list of edits we tend to make, and the reasons why.


Keep in mind that even if an image you have chosen is perfect in quality and size, we sometimes have no choice but to swap this out for various reasons. We tend to make changes if the same image is used multiple times, such as for breaking news stories, for leaked images that we don't have permission to share, and so on. As a rule of thumb, try and use big, high quality and out of the ordinary images as the more care about them the more likely your content is to be seen by a lot of people. Additionally, try and pick images with a square to vertical rectangle ratio as we have so many folks coming to MP via their mobile phones. JPEGs, GIFs and PNGs formats, for most of the cases should be just fine!


The title of your post is extremely important when it comes to generating readers. Obviously, you want the title to reflect the essence of your post whilst also including key words, and adding an interesting angle. A good way to do this is to use a question, or convey a strong stance/ opinion on a topic.


We've also introduced in order to generate more traffic to your posts. So it's very important that the tags you choose are relevant. We recommend 3-5 tags per post as a general rule, and keep your main hashtag a little more broad. Always include the genre, movie or TV show (if possible) and the type of post (review, opinion, video, fan art etc).

Grammar and Spelling

This is a biggie. If we're featuring something on our websites and social pages, it NEEDS to be checked for spelling and grammar. Everyone will miss a typo or some unnecessary punctuation. Our in-house staff write up to 10 articles a day, so we've developed a process to make sure the spelling and grammar is up to scratch. The same QA process kicks in when we decide to promote your article.

When you're promoted, your article is representing our brand. And whilst we are primarily a platform and a community of Creators, we're also a destination site for millions of readers each week. Their experience is also very important to us, so we need to work with you to change the little errors that you might have missed.

Formatting and Word Count

We try to make sure that every post that we promote to Facebook has at least 250 words. If you could try to include as much text as possible without just filling in the empty space, that would certainly help your chances of being shared on our social pages, and google also only recognises anything over 250 words. Try to aim for this as a general rule to make it easier for us to share your work.

For anyone wanting more information on this, we are always on hand to respond to your questions or concerns. We'd love to help you aim big with Creators, so if you're looking to hone your skills - check out our free writing course - Creators Academy


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