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Even having gained the odd criticism from disappointed critics, there’s no denying that some are still stunned by Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. So much so that they can even get their hands on a ticket for a repeat viewing whilst the film stays in cinemas. Should your need for answers stretch beyond its mammoth 2 hours and 49 minutes however, then perhaps this tie-in comic that Wired have prepped might give you more answers about Cooper’s brave mission to save mankind. Not interested? Not even if it’s written by none other than Nolan himself? Yeah, thought so.

The seven page story has been penned by Nolan and will be making an appearance in Wired Magazine, which the director is guest editing this month. Set before the events in the film, Absolute Zero will highlight the story of Dr. Mann (yes, that Dr. Mann played by you-know-who) and his robot SKIPP, who was part of the earlier efforts in the Lazarus mission to find a planet to replace our own. For those that have yet to see the film (shame on you), things go a bit squiffy for Mann, forcing him to make some harsh decisions that leave a massive effect not only to his mission but the one Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) is embarking on as well.

This isn’t the first time Nolan has reverted to comic book form to expand on one of his stories. Inception had a great little tie-in called The Cobal Job and was set before the feature film and accompanied the special edition Blu-Ray. Perhaps Absolute Zero could wind up appearing in the same way. Should you get your hands on it a little earlier with Wired, be sure to throw us your opinion when you can.


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