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Daniel Portolan

Cinefix’s latest episode of Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know explores the first two films of The Hunger Games franchise. Below is the video and the list:

1. Low Budget Blockbuster

Lionsgate was worried about the first film’s profitability and gave the production an $80 million budget, low by blockbuster standards.

2. CG

With 1,200 CG shots, the first Hunger Games had as many CG shots in it as some animated movies including Tales of Despereaux directed by Gary Ross. Only the first ten rows of Caesar Flickerman’s massive studio audience were filled with humans. The rest were added in using CG magic.

3. Faux Bow

Jennifer Lawrence was trained to use several different kind of bows, however the arrows Katniss shoots in the movie are added in digitally during post-production.


The events taking place in the arena of Catching Fire was shot on IMAX, including handheld shots, which is rare. IMAX cameras are large, heavy objects and the sound they generate while rolling required the dialogue to be redone in post-production.

5. Caesar’s Look

Caesar Flickerman’s look was the mastermind of both Stanley Tucci and the film’s makeup artist. Tucci had the teeth made, including several noses which were never used, while the makeup artist created Flickerman’s “plastic surgery” look with a lot of scotch tape.

6. The First Reaping

The extras were very convincing in their roles as District 12 citizens waiting to find out who would be chosen for the Hunger Games. Their performances were helped by the sweltering heat that day which peaked at over 100 degrees. As a gesture of thanks, the cast assembled to sign autographs.

7. The Freezing Cornucopia

The Cornucopia scenes in Catching Fire were shot in a manmade circular pond in Georgia which had been built for the Olympic games. Rather than the steamy, tropical environment depicted in the film, the actual Cornucopia was frigid, the water was 50 degrees and so cold in the morning that the crew had to wait for the frost to thaw before shooting could begin.


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