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Creator & Director, Concept Artist Designer Art Direction Paris, France

Hi! To discover and support without delay a new ambitious project FAUVE (obviously FAWN in English) You are welcome! It's a French animated film, created & produced by a new director Michel GIBAULT.

The project is still in progress, but some great international talents such as actor Sonny Thongsamouth (VF boy in Life of Pi), Jean-Philippe Puymartin (VF Tom Hanks/Tom Cruise), Michel Papineschi (VF Robin Williams, Gary Oldman), Emmanuel Curtil (VF Ben stiller/Jim Carrey) singer and actress Anaïs Delva (the French voice of princess Elsa in Frozen)

and music composer Romain Paillot have already officially expressed their interest in the project. So why not YOU!

Our goal is to convince you to invest in this beautiful and ambitious adventure because The project is looking for investments to create his FX studio "Wayny Pictures" to produce his own movie.

Design of the characters, landscapes and environments will already give you a very good feeling to convince you on The potential and great talent of this young director.

To see this, prepare your translator! And come on the official FAUVE Facebook page. Please click on the link bellow and thanks in advance to share this page and for your "like". :)

Page Facebook FAWN Movie project

The portfolio of creator & director FAWN

Contact prod & direction of project: [email protected]


In ancient Barbarian times, existed a great Wizard, who created a medallion so powerful that it could open the gates of an imaginary time. Its true powers were unknown. For many decades, the secret of its existence was only transmitted from father to son, so that it would never fall into the possession of an evil person.

The young warrior Fauve, grew up with his father and his mother, far away from everyone, in a very small isolated Himalayan like village.

One day, Fauve wakes up late and runs into the forest to catch his father with whom we was supposed to hunt. When he arrives, he sees his father attacked by a bear – fatally wounded, Fauve’s father finds the time to tell his son about the medallion and its secret powers. Fauve rushes back home, but when he arrives, he finds that the Tiaks, nomadic barbarian looters, who go from place to place, destroying everything on their way, are attacking his village. Everything is on fire – Fauve can’t find his mother – she disappeared.

Left alone, in this wild environment, the young child learns to survive. With time, he becomes an unpredictable fighter, hunting without fear and without reproach. Facing the numerous dangers of Nature, he learns how to fight for his survival, shaping for himself a tempered-steel character.

On one of these hunting trips, Fauve comes face to face with a wolf pup. He decides to tame the young animal and gives him the name of “Snowflake” (Flocon) – they quickly become best friends –

Soon, stories about a young child and his pup wolf as well as rumours about a powerful medallion, start to spread throughout the country.

One beautiful starry night, while Fauve and Snowflake escape from the Barbarians, they meet with the members of an unusual family, who hide them and decide to help Fauve in his quest to discover the secrets of this medallion. The task is difficult, as Fauve and his new friends, have to face the threat, a terrifying and evil king named Sawguor, who his also looking for the precious jewel.

A great epic adventure begins! An extraordinary journey, mixing puzzles and prophecies, magic and malediction, new developments, betrayals, spells and bewitchments, adventure and of course… love.

The small company of adventurers meets on this journey the strangest possible creatures, in the middle of some extraordinary landscapes.

But will Fauve succeed in changing the hand of destiny? Will he find the way to free himself from a promise he made his father just before he died?


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