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Turning 5 is a big deal for all children, but especially young Jayden Wilson, son of a pretty amazing dad named Mike. Unfortunately, Jayden had been diagnosed with a Grade 4 brain stem tumor and given a year to live. But Mike didn't want his son's 5th birthday to be shrouded in sadness - rather, he wanted it to be extra special. So he had a replica Spider-Man suit made so he could surprise Jayden by jumping off his roof and wowing his adorable son.

He caught it all on his GoPro camera, which he left situated off to the side for a perfect shot of the whole encounter.

Mike... er, Spider-Dad, makes an awesome flying entrance

With a little help from his wife, Mike was able to time it perfectly. You can tell Jayden was super surprised. I think even Mike's wife was caught a little bit off guard, too!

Jayden is fully captivated by Spider-Man's presence

Mike points at his son, saying "Hey, is that Jayden?! Are you Jaden?!" to which Jayden nods. He's bursting with excitement, trying to fully compute that Spider-Man is actually at his house!

Spider-Man then wishes Jayden a happy birthday

Jayden responds to the question of how old he is with 5 fingers. Adorable. His Spider-Dad is beaming with excitement, knowing that this moment of surprise worked perfectly. I love the image of Jayden's smiling sister in the background, too!

Spider-Dad and his little buddy share an embrace

What a beautiful moment! Mike Wilson went out of his way to make sure that his little son's 5th birthday was, as Jayden put it, "AWESOME". Rather than lamenting the sad situation in which they find themselves, it's amazing that the Wilson family is celebrating the moments they DO have together, which I think is commendable.

Spider-Dad picks up his son and carries him inside

What 5 year-old doesn't want to hang out with Spider-Man on their birthday? And I wanted to go back to that jump... I have to give Mike some props. He jumped off his roof, bent down to hug his son, and then carried him inside the house. I'm not entirely sure I wouldn't have twisted an ankle during some part of that process.

But, of course he pulls it off perfectly and the end-result is a sweet and touching birthday moment.

Maybe he really is Spider-Man in disguise?


What was your favorite moment from this touching surprise?


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