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In today's society, we are always worried about the state of our country and whether or not it is secure enough. We always are looking around, seeing whether or not our neighbors may or may not be a threat to us or our freedom. In [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973), Marvel gave us a real dose into what could happen in an instance where America's security may be compromised in ways that we have never realized.

Below are a few facts from the movie that are a basis from which I began my speculation:

1) Hydra very easily infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D: In the movie, Security Council Chairmain Alexander Pierce (played by Robert Redford) had been working the inside all along even when he instated Nick Fury in his position as the frontman for S.H.I.E.L.D. . He had been weaving Hydra's philosophy into the Security Council's protocols as well as the information passed down by their comrades within the government itself, allowing America to live in a constant state of fear .

In reality, after 9/11, our country lived in a constant state of fear of another such attack happening on our shores. In all actuality, we still do. Our intelligence networks as well as govenrment offciials are always on the lookout for such threats, which also can tend to keep the American public on edge. Now, while things may have setteled down some since then, thereisnot a day that there is not some video post or other website that thrives off of such conspiracies.

While we are not dealing with a threat as ominous as The Winter Soldier, we do deal with threats every day that are very, very real.

2) 'You can't trust anyone' : This statement said by Samuel L. Jackson during the film really amde me think, as if anyone chooses to watch the news anymore, more and more actions, thoughts, and speeches that are spoken by security experts, government officials, and so forth, have made this statement very true. In reality and in the movies, the mythos that we live in a secure country are more and more disspelled as we what we see on the silver screen in some way or form, ends up becoming a facet of fear among our populace. So, I have to ask the question: Is there something that Hollywood knows that we don't ?

3) 'This is not the world that you come from. In this world, you have to accept what's in front of you.' : Captain America begins having his doubts that what he is doing is actually for the right reasons. Case in point, the heli-carriers that were created for Project: Endeavor to further our nation's security.

In reality, more and more politicians during the time of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, were asking similar questions and having similar thoughts as to whether or not these conflicts were warranted. Whether it was for oil, for freedom, or for someother reason, the news has shown that we are constantly running her and there, not taking a moment to find out if this conflict truly does suit the nation's best interests.

4) 'If you do not like the story, you change it' : Armin Zola, a former Hydra scientist (played by Toby Jones) poses an even greater question: how much do we really know about our global security today?

Every day, we have to ask ourselves how much of the truth that we are being told. Each new station has a different take on what exactly that may be. In the movie, Zola had first sown the seeds of fear and mistrust, even though he was at that point in time noting more than a downloaded brain on an old computer when S.H.I.E.L.D. saw him as an 'invaluable asset' and performed the experiment in 1972.

Every day, it is a new invention as to what the truth is, and what exactly is that truth.

While I am not a conspiracy theorist by nature, when Marve ldirects us in such a manner that it forces us to see the changes in the world around us by means of a fictitious universe, it makes a movei-goer at times sit back and ask one last question: what is Marvel trying to tell us and how much of it are they disclosing in such a way that its sole purpose is to show us truths that we may have never thought about?


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