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Now a couple of months ago, Tony Hawk made us think that the hoverboard was real, but it ended up just being a Funny Or Die prank. BUT... that prank spurred a Los Gatos, CA company called Hendo to get crackin'. Through a Kickstarter Campaign, they're hoping to raise the cash to make it a reality. The prototype is pretty dang cool.

Lest ye think this just a jest, they convinced Tony Hawk to try it out, just to prove it's real, not the fake one he rode in the first video, with Moby. With Moby. Yes, that should have been our red flag right there. Nobody puts Moby in anything anymore.

It looks kind of bulky, and it only works on certain surfaces, but by gum, it's one step closer to Micheal J. Foxdom...

The Kickstarter Campaign

The Hendo Hover Kickstarter page says

So where does the HENDO hoverboard stand today? Well, about 1 inch off the ground. As you can see from the video above, the prototype is real and it works! But to see it hover in person, and better yet, to defy gravity by riding it, is something you need to experience as well.
With the support of the Kickstarter community, we all can. We need your help to put the finishing touches on the Hendo Hoverboard, to help us produce them, and to create places to ride them.

You can click here to support the board, and if you have enough cash, even get one of the first boards that roll off the line. They'll look like this-


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