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Recently there's been a lot of speculation that two members of the Marvel Universe were housed in The Collector's Archives, and planted in scenes from Guardians of the Galaxy. Beta-Ray Bill, the once-Mjolnir-wielding Korbinite and the previously-seen (in Thor: The Dark World's after-credits teaser) Adam Warlock cocoon. Over the weekend, Director James Gunn shot down the Beta-Ray Bill theory, but did not deny Adam Warlock's existence.

This speculation was all fueled by the appearance of Hi-Res Blu-ray screen caps on Imgur. Now, in the film I had noticed Howard The Duck before the end credits, and had spotted the Warlock cocoon for the second time, but our trip through the collector's stash was so quick, that I had to look at these images closer.

I saw the caged figure that everyone says may be Beta-Ray Bill. Ok, could be, red cape and all. But it could just as well be Superman, because his head is hung and his back is toward us. It could even be Gladiator.

However, in the examination of the images, my eye was drawn to the right-hand corner of this image-

Guardians of the Galaxy
Guardians of the Galaxy

Let's see that a bit closer...

Is it Zadekiel?
Is it Zadekiel?

Now, I'm not saying for sure that this is The Orb, that wacky-looking Evel Knievel-suit-wearing Ghost Rider villain and more recently "Original Sin" player, but this sad sod surely has a resemblance to it. The head and clothing seems right, but the rest doesn't seem to fit. It looks like it has big green frog hands and feet. Now, I dug through the Marvel Wiki and really couldn't come up with an alien race that fits this image. Maybe one of you has an idea? Could it be one of Marvel's Weirdest Villains?


Do you think that's the Orb?


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