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I sure as hell hope not, but it’s safe to say that AAA releases haven’t been going all that well lately. Most notable is Sony’s Driveclub, which was postponed FOR A YEAR before releasing. Even after that the game’s online portion is struggling. Although the consumer version of Driveclub has been released the PlayStation Plus version is still in limbo, and hasn't been given an updated release date.

Something else that is becoming a nuisance is annualized game releases. [Assassin's Creed](movie:437814): Unity takes the cake for proving this point. On top of multiplayer server issues, the game itself suffers from frame rate, collision and graphical issues. Can you imagine paying $60 for a game, getting it home, getting it INSTALLED, and being unable to complete parts of the game? Faulty collision detection resulted in the main character FALLING THROUGH THE GROUND while free running! Some character models DON’T HAVE A FACE! These things should have been caught in QA testing, which SHOULD be performed by the developer AS WELL AS the publisher! Minecraft on PS4 failed to pass Sony’s certification process, and was delayed because of it. Somehow, Assassin's Creed: Unity was able to pass certification on all consoles. Some of these problems have been fixed through patching, and you can see this Ubisoft forum post for a list of issues and whether they’ve been fixed or not.


Onward! To Microsoft’s EPIC Halo: Master Chief Collection release! Again, server and matchmaking issues are making online play…well…unplayable. Whether its online co-op missions or competitive matches, fixes will need to be made to allow players to play. Luckily, a big fix is slated to go live this Wednesday (11/19).

*Update: This fix has been pushed back to “later this week”.*

Far Cry 4 released today, and guess what. Server issues. If you’re lucky to even find a PvP match, you may disconnect during the load. On top of this, some PlayStation 3 gamers are unable to play the game at all.

These are just a few of the most recent instances of games being noticeably unprepared for release. I’m not sure where the problems are stemming from, but I hope that buggy releases don’t become an expected (and accepted) annoyance.

*Thanks to ArsTechnica (header pic) and TechTimes (text pic) for these images*


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