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Everyone loves a good chilling tale of the supernatural. Whether it be Zombies, Werewolves, or Aliens, horror movies are a popular and loved topic of the cinema screen. Logic reassures us all that these creatures reside in the fictional side of our imaginations, but some take these tales of the undead to extreme lengths, such as cults and even murder. Below are the stories of some, rather peculiar people who believe they are the beasts we all fear and love.

1. Lyle Bensley, age 19, "Vampire"

Lyle Monroe Bensley is being held in Galveston County Jail after allegedly breaking into a woman's apartment and biting her on the neck, police said. The woman, whose name has not been released, broke free and fled the apartment, speeding to safety in a neighbor's car early Saturday.

When police arrived on the scene, they found Bensley, wearing only boxer shorts, hissing and growling in the parking lot. He quickly scaled two fences before he was captured, yelling all the while that he "didn't want to have to feed on humans," Capt. Jeff Heyse of the Galveston County Police Department told ABC News.

"I've dealt with some really strange people," said Heyse. "You know, guys who think they're Jesus and that. But I've never seen anything like this."

Even in jail, Bensley warned guards to restrain him for their own protection, gnashing his teeth with a "need to feed," police said. It's unclear whether Bensley was intoxicated or on drugs at the time of the attack, but police said a psychiatric evaluation is pending.

2. Stephanie Pistey, age 18, part "Vampire" part "Werewolf"

In 2011, Stephanie Pistey, a girl from Panama City, Florida, was found guilty of being an accessory to the murder of a 16-year-old boy named Jacob Hendershot. Investigators suspect that her involvement in the boy's death stemmed from the vampire cult that she belonged to.

"Since I was like 12, every fiber in my body, basically everything, I know this is going to be crazy, but I believe that I'm a vampire and part werewolf," the 18-year-old stated in a video interview with MSNBC.

At the time of her arrest, Pistey's Facebook profile listed "unworldly things" and "blood" among her main interests. She said that although she has drunk the blood of her fiancé and co-defendant William Chase, she claims she did not drink the blood of the murdered victim.

3. Omnec Onec, age late-40s, "Alien"

A peaceful and alluring woman, who calls herself "Omnec Onec" claims to have landed in the Nevada desert in 1955 after a long journey from her home planet of Venus. Once on Earth, she claims to have traveled to the state of Tennessee where she took the place of a 7-year-old girl named Sheila, who had just died in a bus accident.

Onec claims to be hundreds of years old in Venusian time. She spends her Earthbound time writing books celebrating the beauty of Venus, its philosophies, and its religion while also appearing on controversial American talk shows such as the Jerry Springer Show.

She now lives in Germany and continues to be very outspoken about her time on Venus on various web pages and Facebook.

4. Jujuoli Kuita, age 41, "Shapeshifter"

Author Jujuolui Kuita, is very active in the "Starseed" community, a group that has bonded together over common experiences with aliens. Although Kuita was born in Concord, California, she believes herself to be a reptilian shapeshifter with part human/part alien DNA.

She says, “My planet is Faqui in the Andromeda galaxy. Since birth I've known I was from another place. I felt isolated and different, that this wasn't my home. I am half reptilian and can shape-shift into another species called Fajan.”

Apparently, the shapeshifting happens at a higher frequency than human eyes can see, but most importantly Kuita herself knows when it's happening....

5. Andrew Whitman, age mid-20s, "Immortal"

Drunk, muddy, and soaking wet, college student Andrew Whiteman was caught by police trying to kick down the door of an Ohio drugstore in 2010. To let the cops know exactly who they were messing with, he informed them that he was a 100-year-old vampire who would live eternally.

While being driven to the police station, Whiteman stated that he could smell the policemen's blood from the back seat of the patrol car. He then threatened to kill one of the officers and his children. Whiteman was so violent that he had to be restrained. Finally, while being booked, he threatened to eat a female jailer's kidney.

In the morning, the vampire was apologetic for his outbursts, but unfortunately his criminal charges still applied.

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