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Has the fast paced lifestyle given us less time to enjoy television? So little that nowadays we can't give a TV show a few more weeks of opportunity based on its introductory and sometimes poor performance in the beginning.

Last November 10th I was hit by the terrible news that "Selfie" had been cancelled. I have to say that this show was at best "odd" during its first two episodes; I saw them in a row, but not even that made the pill easier to swallow. But after. After it got good. It got real good.

This same phenomenon happened to me a few years ago. Exactly eight years ago; with a show that is now dear for many in America: The Big Bang Theory.

Yes, I have to admit that The Big Bang Theory for me was just ok at best in those first few episodes. But after a while, it started to win me. It won me over by half into the first season. A season it probably won't have had if it had premiered now in 2014.

"Selfie" won me over too. It won me with Larry, with Joan, Charmonique and above all with Henry and Eliza. Henry, who was too busy being a grown-up that he sometimes forgot how to enjoy living. And with Eliza, who was the exact example of how many of us are facing the world... by looking at the phone screen, instead of seeing past it.

I feel really, deeply sad and outraged about this show being axed, and I have read other articles that feel similar to me with the cancelation of "Selfie". And if you feel the same way, there is now ways to express it! Join Twitter and tweet:

Rest in Pease "Selfie", I hope the big ABC at least will let you have the ending you deserve.


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