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I wanna start by warning anyone who is not completely caught up with all of the episodes of The Flash. This article has spoilers. If you are not completely caught up and wish to not have anything revealed to you before having watched it, this is where you leave the article. Please do come back when you have fully caught up. This article may interest you then. Also, to all readers, I apologize if this article is brief but I am basing my thoughts off of the developments of the recent episode and I hope what information and thoughts I reveal to you here will go beyond the size of what is spoken. Now, with that out of the way, let's get down to the interesting clues provided to us in the latest episode in The Flash that may indeed tell us who Harrison Wells' identity is for sure.

I had been intently watching the past few episodes, really disappointed at the lack of developments in regard to understanding Harrison Wells' character. Thank god they finally returned to explaining more about him. In the latest episode, we find that Joe West is continuing to delve into the mysteries of Barry's case. With a lack of evidence and proof that someone impossible did happen that night Barry's mother was killed, he turned to young Barry's testimony of the events that transpired. He begins to focus in on a very specific detail of Barry's testimony, that the lightning he saw was a mixture of red and yellow lightning. His interest in this detail is further strengthened when he sees Barry Allen save a kid from being squashed by a hummer driven by what basically was the DC Comics version of Colossus lets be fair here.

Anyways, it gets him thinking that maybe someone else out there could have Barry's powers. Joe recruits Harrison Wells to help him further investigate the case. He asks Wells is it possible that another like Barry could possibly exist? Wells quickly shot the likelihood down saying that the possibility existed but had a low chance of being true because the particle accelerator was built 14 years after Barry's mom was killed and the last time the other speedster was seen?

It isn't revealed how Joe comes to the conclusion or rather the question but it's the same questions or some of the same questions we've all been wondering? Where was Harrison Wells before the particle accelerator? How long has he really been in Central City? Was he around in Central City at the time that Barry's mom was murdered? Joe deceives Wells into thinking that he is being asked out for a drink with a friend. But really, Joe presents all of the previous queries to Wells. Wells, offended by the interrogation and the accusations that Joe indirectly made, at first pauses before answering, and then says I was rebuilding. He finishes to tell Joe to look up the name Tess Morgan.

Joe eventually comes back with an apology plus a gift in hopes that Wells will forgive him as he knows why Harrison Wells was "rebuilding". Harrison explains that he and Tess Morgan were research partners at a lab in Maryland and were "married to both the work and each other". One day a car crash occurred and killed Tess Morgan. Unable to bear the grief and the fact that every day he would work in the same place that his wife used to also, he decided to move to Central City. There he would finish Tess' dream and complete the particle accelerator. He finishes to say how his particle accelerator was completed 14 years after the incident and he emphatically says that he is not responsible for Barry's Mom's murder and neither is any of his research. Seeing the logic in Harrison Well's story Joe concludes that Harrison Wells is not a suspect in the murder.

Before the show concludes, we are literally left with the greatest evidence given to us so far in the series. Joe continues to work on the case, trying to find some link in the case files to a person who might've wanted to murder Barry's mom. While he is studying the case material, the man from Nora's murder (who we all know is Professor Zoom), appears to Joe. He says nothing and hurts Joe in no way. The only thing that results in his appearance is the disappearance of all of the case files of Nora's murder. Not only has Joe now seen what Barry saw 14 years ago, but the files with any clue to a possible suspect were gone. Haha Joe should've said "Swiper no swiping!". I understand if you didn't laugh, it was funnier in my head.

Anyways, there is an obvious conclusion to all of this synopsis and evidence which I am leading toward. The facts are this:

1. Barry and Joe are the only ones who know before the episode starts that the Nora's murder case has been reopened

2. Eddie has been in no shape or form been made aware that they are both looking into this case (support to my theory as to why he isn't currently Professor Zoom).

3. Harrison Wells is told of Joe's interest in the case when Joe asks for his help

4. About ten minutes into the show after the scene where Joe makes all of the accusations against Wells', the Reverse Flash appears and steals all of the case files.

In my opinion the logical conclusion or conclusions that can be made are these:

1. Harrison Wells is somehow helping the Reverse Flash or involved in his activities. Maybe he is a friend of his, watching and spying on Barry Allen.


2. Harrison Wells is indeed the Reverse Flash but probably an older version

Here's where I use the facts to back either theory in whole. Barry and Joe are the only ones to know about the case being reopened. Therefore that rules out Eddie being involved right now. The Reverse Flash has made no move on the case files until now, unless he didn't know they exist but I would rather believe that he does but simply doesn't care because no one has looked into the murder in 14 years. Harrison Wells hears of Joe reopening the case and his strong interest in figuring out the truth. Literally right after Harrison Wells tells Joe his sob story, Professor Zoom takes every shred of evidence that could help Joe and Barry solve the mystery. Is it just me or is all of this so coincidental that Harrison Wells learns of the case being reopened and all of a sudden the Reverse Flash quickly suppresses the facts of the case?

Now to acknowledge a possible counter argument. Yes, Harrison Wells' sob story could very well be the truth meaning he isn't the Reverse Flash or helping him thereby destroying the entire point of this article. However, is there any evidence so far in any of the episodes to prove that Harrison Wells' can be trusted? We've seen him look at a newspaper from the future. We've seen him kill a man in cold blood. We saw him whispering to a most obvious future villain of the Flash: Grodd, that he had bigger plans for him. Lastly, he told Plastique to kill General Wade Eiling, which actually in my opinion may not be a terrible crime considering one that Eiling does become a major obstacle to heroes in the DC Universe and two on a personal note is responsible for torturing Harrison's favorite pet gorilla. But still, it's evidence that he will do what he thinks his necessary for his major plan or goal or whatever the hell this guy is deviously planning that we are still so unaware about.

You've heard what I think? But I want to know from all of you, what do you think about what I've discussed? Please feel free to comment or start an open discussion below. Also, if you enjoyed this article, please follow me as I will be constantly following the [The Flash](series:1068303) and its developments and can give you more input on the show. In addition, if you enjoyed this article please read any of my past two articles I've written as I've been told by several people that it really helped them understand The Flash much better than before.


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