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Now I’m hoping I’m not the only one who saw last week’s episode and swore they promoted it as the series finale because it takes you for a spin when you see one more episode left and you’re still getting over how emotional the last one was. But who are any of us to complain? It’s another episode of Video Game High School (VGHS) and be it the last one you enjoy every minute you have left with such an entertaining series that reminds you that everyone is equally a gamer, and we are all people behind the games we play.

This episode hits you with the feels from the very start as we pick up from the devastating power move which the Barnstormers made against VGHS after their long time promise to Calhoun that they would buy it out. Definitely not what you expect from this season after learning that this is the last. As stated above we see more of the people behind the players and games they play. How different their lives could be outside of VGHS or gaming in general. It makes you take that much more passion in the hobby you enjoy knowing that it doesn’t define you, but you’ll sure as hell defend it to your last breath. That is this series finale in a nutshell as they do everything in their power to either take back their school or enjoy their final moments in it.


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