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This week we see the great Harvey Dent, or to be honest we saw Two-Face. The was very poor writing this episode and they were pushing way too hard to say “Hey this is going to be Two-Face” that they completely missed the great DA element of Dent. I had issue with them bringing him in to begin with but now that I have seen how they used him I am thoroughly disappointed with it. Sadly that wasn’t the only bad part to the writing in this episode but I will get to that later.

We start off with Gordon walking into Barbara’s place with Selina and he finds her note. He receives a call from the sketch artist and Kyle reads the note from Barbara. He tells her she is going to stay at Wayne Manor. Next we Ian Hargrove being transported from Blackgate with the guards being very cautious because he is an expert bomb maker. We then see Gordon talking to Alfred and Bruce about Selina staying with them because she is the eyewitness to the Wayne murders. I was really uncomfortable with this whole scene, Gordon knows that Alfred is his guardian but it is Bruce that makes the decisions. Alfred said no and with good reason but it’s obvious that Bruce wants to find his parents killer so his emotions are going to be what is the deciding factor. Jim has relied on Bruce to help him solve cases but now he is playing on the boys emotions to get what he wants. Bruce then meets Selina and she tells him to call her Kat. We then see the armored transport van attacked and Ian being broke out by 4 men sounding Russian. We learn through the episode that he is making bombs for the Russians to make a big hit. The story with Ian was interesting and seeing to see how it plays out in the episode.


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