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Sweden has plenty of strange traditions including chowing down on fermented herring and dancing around a giant symbolic penis to celebrate Midsummer. While these might sound weird to us outsiders, there is one demented pastime that is beyond the realms of odd.

In the university town of Uppsala in Southern Sweden, screaming at the top of your lungs into the night is actively encouraged, and instead of a noise complaint, you are guaranteed to get a hearty reply.

Check out the video below to witness the bizarre, and slightly creepy phenomenon courtesy of Reddit user lavil:

The tradition of screeching into the darkness began in the 70s, although people cannot decide whether people started screaming to relieve exam stress or to commemorate a student who committed suicide.

Whatever the nightly 10 pm 'Flogsta Scream' is intended to achieve, I'm pretty sure it must have had a few bewildered tourists calling the police while simultaneously fearing for their lives!

For the record, my boyfriend is Swedish and he has verified that this is very much a real phenomenon, so there you go!


How do you think the 'Flogsta Scream' would go down in your area?

(Source: Huffington Post via Reddit)

(Cover Image: Synth-Stock at Deviant Art)


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