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Have you ever wondered what Batman would look like while, say, fighting a dragon? Rocking an 18th century rapier? Rocking out in an old school fashion like he was in Game of Thrones? Or, even, kicking a whole lot of ass on the high seas as a pirate?

Well, if you have, then get ready for a giant pile of awesomeness to come your way, because the awesome fan artists of the internet have happily obliged. If you haven't? Well, get ready for that same pile of awesomeness, but with the added bonus of surprise. And, of course, dragons. Because YES.

Here, then, are ten of my favorites...

First up:

1. Batman Gets Medieval on Yo' Ass

And, in John Aslarona's atmospheric take on the Caped Crusader, becomes very much the Dark Knight of the Dark Ages' dreams.

2. Batman Gets Ready for a Duel

As shown by Alexander Forssberg's epic 1714-style Batman - who seems set to impale The Joker any second now...

3. Batman Takes to the High Seas

Though, excellent as Vimes-DA's take on the hero is, I still can't quite believe that Bats'd be a pirate. A pirate hunter, though...

4. Batman Gets Old School

Eren Arik's awesome Ottoman-inspired take on the Dark Knight takes the hero back in time to olden-days' Turkey.

5. Batman Becomes a Nightmarish Hellspawn

Or, at least, he rocks the look in Adam Brown's kick-ass Spawn-ish take on the hero.

Though, it turns out the Dark Knight can get way scarier...

6. Batman Gets Zombified

Which, as Diosdado Mondero's gruesome image proves, can be both awesome and revolting...

Though possibly not as much as when...

7. Batman Goes Full Demon

As fear-sAs demonstrates. And I thought he was intimidating in the movies...

8. Batman Gets All Game of Thrones

Can anyone else see Daniel Abreu's Batman being played by Tywin Lannister himself, Charles Dance? Now that'd be an awesome The Dark Knight Returns...

Though, not even that can match the majesty of...

9. Batman, Just After Taking Down a Dragon

No, wait. That's not a dragon. That's a Bat-dragon. And, wait, is that...Robin? Nicely played, Jason Kang...

Though, he'll need all the help he can get, it seems...

10. Batman Versus...The Dragon Joker

Which, as Sandara proves, may just be peak fantasy Batman awesomeness.

Someone make a mini-series out of this stuff, stat!

What do you guys think, though?


Loving the fantasy/historical Batman awesomeness?

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