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When it comes to Star Wars, it often seems as though there's nothing anyone could do to make it any more awesome. After all, the original trilogy more-or-less reached peak awesome way back in the late '70s and early '80s - and ever since we've just been riding on their metaphorical wave of bad-assery.

If surpassing the original trilogy isn't practical, then (though I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that The Force Awakens'll give it a run for it's money) where can we go for an even greater dose of kick-ass Star Wars-ing?

Well, how about all the way back to the original trilogy - and behind the scenes? Dorkly recently dipped into the incredible back catalog of Star Wars off-screen awesomeness - and here are 12 of my personal favorites, along with some awesome Star Wars facts for good measure:

Starting off with...

1. A Classic Love Triangle

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Bonus Star Wars Fun Fact: Harrison Ford wasn't the only actor considered to play Han. Burt Reynolds, Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson, and Christopher Walken were all also reportedly contenders.

2. A Classic Outtake

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Bonus Star Wars Fun Fact: Jabba the Hutt wasn't always a slug - he was originally intended to be fuzzy, furry sort of creature.

3. Luke Divas it Up a Notch

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Bonus Star Wars Fun Fact: On the South Pacific island of Niue, you can use limited edition Star Wars collectible coins as actual, factual money.

4. Obi Wan Gets Bad-Ass

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Bonus Star Wars Fun Fact: David Lynch was approached to direct Return of the Jedi - Sadly, he passed on the movie. And made Dune.

5. Leia Goofs Around With Some Stormtroopers

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Bonus Star Wars Fun Fact: Carrie's Sissy Spacek originally auditioned for the part of Leia - and Carrie Fisher for the lead role in Carrie...

6. While Luke Goofs Off All the Time, Apparently

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Bonus Star Wars Fun Fact: You know who else appeared in Empire Strikes Back? John Ratzenberger, a.k.a. Cheers' Cliff Clavin. He's the guy who tells Han not to head outside to search for Luke.

7. Darth Vader Takes Off The Mask

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Bonus Star Wars Fun Fact: Underneath the armor, Darth Vader was the Welsh weightlifter and occasional actor, Dave Prowse. James Earl Jones only provided his voice.

8. Leia and Chewie Fool Around

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Bonus Star Wars Fun Fact: Chewie was inspired by the same Alaskan malamute, Indiana, that gave it's name to Indiana Jones - which just happened to be George Lucas' dog at the time.

9. Warwick Davis is a Bad-Ass Ewok

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Bonus Star Wars Fun Fact: At no point in the entire original trilogy does any character utter the word 'Ewok.' They do get a mention in the credits, though...

10. Han Has a Great Time

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Bonus Star Wars Fun Fact: Han Solo was originally set to die at the end of Return of the Jedi - with Luke then disappearing into the wilderness. Instead, we got a giant Ewok party.

11. Brothers, Huh?

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Bonus Star Wars Fun Fact: There are no female fighter pilots in the original trilogy, despite being in the original screenplay. They were removed from the final cut, though...

And, of course...

12. Carrie Fisher Gets Iconic

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Bonus Star Wars Fun Fact: Carrie Fisher refused to use 'tit tape' with THAT bikini - meaning several scenes had to be reshot due to 'wardrobe malfunctions.'

What do you guys think?


Loving the Star Wars behind-the-scenes awesomeness?

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