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While the Marvel universe is crammed to hypothetical rafters with hunks in spandex, only one of them can rise to the top of the pile in true heroic style.

People Magazine has named Chris Hemsworth the sexiest man alive in their annual male beauty pageant, but do you think he deserved the crown of universal cuteness?

While Hemsworth is clearly a whole barrel of phwooooars in his own right, there are howls of injustice echoing round the internet that a certain other Marvel superhero didn't scoop the sexy jackpot...

So, let's examine the evidence and let you Moviepilot readers vote who should really have been top dog.

1. Chris Hemsworth

Despite the fact that People magazine has inexplicably given Chris Hemsworth Nick Carter's Backstreet Boys hair for his moment of glory, this Aussie hunk is clearly winning at face.


2. Chris Pratt

Blending the puppyish charm of Andy Dwyer and the gung-ho attitude of the Star-Lord into an actual, real person, Chris Pratt's charms are as much about his soul as his six pack.

The internet threw a gigantic tantrum that this french-braiding, laugh-making babe wasn't coronated as the world's ultimate sex pot, but are you on their side?


3. Jamie Dornan

Predictably, the bloke who is currently occupying Mr Grey's meticulously buffed shoes has clawed his way into our collective subconscious as a byword for sex. But was the sexy prize wrongly whipped away from him?


4. Ki Hong Lee

After legging it into our hearts as Minho in [The Maze Runner](movie:575895), this 28-year-old South Korean-born newcomer has clearly made a big impression.


5. Blake Shelton

Whoever voted for Black Shelton clearly hasn't seen the hair demons that haunt his past. Click HERE if you never want to find this man attractive again!


After appraising the entries, who do you think should have been this year's 'sexiest man alive'?

(Source: People)


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