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Disney has produced some of the most memorable movies of the last 80 years, with the characters and stories burned into the brains of generations of viewers.

But while everyone knows Simba comes from The Lion King, or Ariel is The Little Mermaid, it takes a true super-fan to remember the more obscure characters and details of any film.

So, are you a Disney super-fan?

Take the quiz below and click the spoiler button underneath each poll to find out the answer!


Which movie do these guards appear in?

Answer: Cinderella


Where did we see this computer screen?

Answer: The Rescuers Down Under


In what movie do we see this game of checkers?

Answer: The Emperor’s New Groove


Where do we see this man of the cloth?

Answer: The Princess and the Frog


Which Disney film did this Gopher pop up in?

Answer: The Lion King


What film does this horse trot into?

Answer: The Aristocats


Where do we see this dapper couple?

Answer: Bedknobs and Broomsticks


What film do we see this cute little guy?

Answer: Brother Bear


Which iconic film do we see this wallpaper?

Answer: Peter Pan


Which film does this rotund fellow appear in?

Answer: Lilo & Stitch

How did you go? Tell me in the poll below and then tell me your favorite obscure Disney character in the comments!


How many did you get correct?

Source: The Animation Commendation, M-Magazine


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