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While Sundays episode of [The Walking Dead](series:201193) may have started off in unknown territory, it soon became pretty clear that Daryl and Carol were headed back to the gang's old haunt of Atlanta.

Atlanta has been an important point through the early seasons and we've now come full circle in Season 5. So with Atlanta bound to be the destination for the mid-season finale in two episodes time, I thought we should take a look back at how often we've seen the city in not only the TV series but the comic book and video game as well.

1. Rick riding into town

Our first glimpse of Atlanta came as a smooth-faced sheriff Rick rode into town on an ill-fated horse. It was the first time the full scale of the apocalypse was really revealed, as we saw the huge traffic jam of cars pouring out of Atlanta while Rick cut a solitary figure on the empty road into the city. On the far right we even see derailed trains and the whole thing is just a bleak picture.

2. Rick riding into Atlanta in the comic series

The first episode of the TV series was very close to Volume 1 of the comic series. In the comic series Atlanta was already looking a little worse for wear, with weeds growing and debris scattered around. The image isn't as dramatic as the one in the TV show but the cityscape still looms in the background.

3. Glenn getting the hell out of Dodge

Episode 2 of the show and Atlanta looks pretty much exactly the same as when Rick rode in (I guess it had literally just been hours since he rode in that Glenn drove out).

4. The gang leaving Atlanta behind

The first episode of Season 2 is where we start to see Atlanta being reclaimed by nature. The greenery seems to have grown quite a lot, there's a little more debris on the road and also, in comparison with the earlier shots, the highway is now cast in shadows.

Unfortunately it looks like The Walking Dead crew also forgot to remove a little of the guard rail on the right hand side, however that's not the only inconsistency we've seen with the Atlanta shot.

5. Carol and Daryl driving into Atlanta to find Beth

I had to lighten this image of Carol and Daryl heading back in Atlanta because damn, The Walking Dead is dark (literally) these days! It's pretty obvious nature has taken command of this city; it's not a place for living humans any more. The greenery has grown between the cars in the traffic jam (the side of all the dead) and is sneaking onto the the empty lane (the side of the living), almost as if it's slowly being claimed back as more survivors die off and we get further along into this post-apocalyptic world.

This is the other image we see that the Walking Dead crew may have made an error in forgetting to remove the lamp post at the front left of the screen. There definitely aren't any lampposts in the other shots, but who knows, maybe walkers are actually industrious workers when the cameras are off?

6. Reverse shot of Atlanta in the video game

This is the image we see in The Walking Dead video game as Lee Everett is hancuffed in the back of the police car on the way to Meriwether County Correctional Facility. This is the only time we see Atlanta, though several references are made to the city throughout the game.

Bonus: The real road into Atlanta

As you can see it's a little different to how it appears in the TV show but you still get the general idea. Some off-ramps and lampposts were edited out and a bridge was edited in for a focal point but we still get that dramatic look at the looming city.

So with at least a couple more episodes bound to be set in Atlanta in coming weeks, I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for anymore of these amazing city shots that might come our way.


If you were in a post-apocalyptic world, where would you go?

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