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The bizarre story of a German woman who slept with the putrefying corpse of her mother for five years has emerged this week.

The as yet unnamed woman's dark secret was discovered when social workers responded to calls from concerned neighbors who hadn't seen the 83-year-old mother in a worryingly long time.

When the social workers were refused entry to the home by the obviously panicked daughter, police and firefighters were called to break down the door and the mother's fate was finally discovered...

Unfortunately, she wasn't enjoying a spot of bed rest while watching daytime soaps and eating grapes. Instead, the unnamed woman was discovered in a mummified condition tucked into a bed that her daughter also slept in.

When pressed about how long she had been sleeping with her mother's corpse, the 55-year-old daughter admitted that her mom had been dead since 2009. Needless to say, she was sent to psychiatric testing.

This tale of warped grief might be shocking enough to stand alone, but disturbingly, this woman is not the only person who has shared her house with the decaying corpse of a loved one...

What he Would Have Wanted?

Charles Zigler
Charles Zigler

When 67-year-old Charles Zigler died in his home back in 2010, his longterm girlfriend, Linda Chase, decided he would want to continue doing what he loved best. Watching NASCAR races.

Zigler's corpse was propped up in his trusty arm chair for a grand total of 18 months indulging a marathon TV session that would put any Netflix binge watcher to shame.

When the body was discovered by police in 2012, Chase admitted she was cashing Zigler's social security checks as well as honoring his lifelong interests.


The Silence of the Siblings

The Bernstoff household
The Bernstoff household

They say that blood is thicker than water, and these siblings' twisted devotion to each other went way further than those throwaway marriage vows of 'til death do us part'.

When Elaine Bernstoff died 1970, the bizarre family tradition of living with corpses began. Elaine's siblings, Anita, Frank and Margaret decided to keep her body in the home that they shared.

Although the body languished in the house for more than three decades, suspicions were never raised by the surrounding neighbors because the family were notoriously private. Local gossips wrote the Bernstoff family's reclusive nature off as embarrassment about their cluttered hoarder house.

All was quiet in the household until 2003 when Frank died age 83 and the bizarre family tradition continued. Instead of preparing him for burial, the two remaining sisters swaddled him in blankets and moved him to his own room.

History repeated itself once more in 2008 when Anita died and Margaret was left all alone with only her dead siblings for company.

Neighbors report that the 93-year-old woman handed out gifts to trick-or-treaters and was well liked in the area. When asked about what happened to her brothers and sisters, she told everyone her siblings had moved away or were confined to their beds.

I guess the latter was almost true...


The World's Wrongest Real Doll

Le Van with his dead wife
Le Van with his dead wife

Le Van, who is described by locals in his village as "a normal and well-behaved man", also happens to have something unbelievably dark in his home.

The 55-year-old from the central province of Quang Nam in Vietnam started sleeping on his wife's grave after she died in 2003, but after enduring 20 months of rain and cold, he decided to dig a tunnel to her grave to sleep by her side.

When his children found out, they worried for his safety (and, i would imagine, his sanity) and banished him from going to the grave unattended.

Desperate to be with his soul mate, Le Van snuck out one night in 2004 and dug up his wife's remains so they could start sharing their home together once more.

Le Van moulded clay around the remains to help his wife regain the figure of a woman and he has slept with her every night ever since.

He is quoted as saying:

I'm a person that does things differently. I'm not like normal people

Which is somewhat stating the obvious.


How do you feel about people sharing their homes with their dead loved ones?

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