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Many girls have experienced a brief frisson of excitement from dating someone who their parents would consider a bad apple. However, there are women who are drawn to the very worst that humanity has to offer - murderers, rapists and serial killers.

Hybristophilia is the name given to people whose sexual pleasure is reliant on being with a partner known to have committed a terrible act, such as rape or murder. This is known more commonly as 'Bonnie and Clyde Syndrome.'

Following the news that 80-year-old Charles Manson is getting married to 26-year-old Afton Elaine Burton, we decided to look further into the shocking and baffling cases of serial killers who marry in prison - and the women who choose them as husbands...

Charles Manson and Afton Elaine Burton

Cult leader Manson was convicted of multiple murders, as well as incitement to violence. The murder of Roman Polanksi's wife, Sharon Tate, and her unborn child was among the many crimes he instigated while trying to start a race war in the late '60s.

Despite this, Afton Elaine Burton - nicknamed 'Star' by Manson - maintains his innocence and actually runs a Charles Manson Fansite expounding her theories. She first contacted Manson at 17, and two years later moved to California to be near to him. Her parents, while not delighted with their new son-in-law, are standing by her, Hollywood Life reports.


Ted Bundy and Carol Ann Boone

Necrophiliac and murderer of more than 34 women Ted Bundy is not ideal material for a neighbor, let alone a husband. Described by his defense attorney as 'the very definition of heartless evil,' this didn't stop a number of infatuated women writing to him in prison.

It was Carol Ann Boone, however, who moved to Florida to get married to Bundy, even managing to become pregnant by him despite conjugal visits being forbidden! When Bundy was executed in early 1989, Boone had already divorced him.


Kenneth Bianchi and Veronica Compton... and Shirlee Book

Kenneth Bianchi and Veronica Compton
Kenneth Bianchi and Veronica Compton

Veronica Compton was so enamored with Kenneth Bianchi - half of the notorious Hillside Stranglers duo - that she attempted murder for him. Bianchi even gave her a vial of his semen to leave on the victim's body to make people think he was still at large. When her murder attempt failed, Bianchi moved on to another admirer, Shirlee Book, and married her instead. They had a 15-minute wedding, conducted over the telephone.

After Compton failed to kill her victim and was sent to prison, she fell for another serial killer, Douglas Clark a.k.a. the Sunset Strip Killer. The pair hatched the rather unromantic scheme to open a mortuary so that they could get necrophiliac with the dead bodies together!


Oscar Ray Bolin and Rosalie Martinez

Oscar Ray Bolin was a pathetic creature who raped and murdered three young women in 1986. Still, Rosalie Martinez - the wife of a lawyer and mother of four children - left her family to be with 'Bolin the Butcher.'

A law specialist herself, Martinez has seen her husband through 8 murder trials, and tirelessly campaigned for Bolin's release. Her statement regarding her activism reads:

Some people have whales. I have Oscar.


Richard Ramirez and Doreen Lioy

Murderer and avowed Satanist Richard Ramirez killed 14 women before he was apprehended, but this didn't stop freelance magazine editor Doreen Lioy from proposing to him after eleven years of correspondence.

Perhaps the fact that he chose Doreen from among the many letters from lovestruck women had something to do with the fact that Doreen was a self-proclaimed virgin. Either way, 'The Night Stalker' vowed to stalk only Doreen forevermore on October 3, 1996 in San Quentin Prison.


What do you think about women who marry convicted serial killers?

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