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DICE have a lot of pressure placed upon their shoulders with Star Wars: Battlefront! We expect a lot from this studio, as the previous Battlefront games gave us hours upon hours of sheer bliss. But now with our PS4 and Xbox One consoles, we expect even greater things from game developers.

With this in mind, I thought I'd take a look at the past. Let's examine some of the greatest Star Wars games ever made, to see whether Battlefront has the capabilities to overcome their accomplishments. Each one represents an aspect that we'd love to see improved upon in Battlefront.

What's your favourite Star Wars game? Let us know in the comments below!

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Star Wars: Battlefront
Star Wars: Battlefront

Can Star Wars: Battlefront 3 Beat These Games?

Star Wars Bounty Hunter

You know, when I started writing this article I completely forgot this game existed! So I'm unsure as to whether the game stands up on its own now, but I recall adoring every minute of it as a kid. How many of you played this game? I remember loving getting to use all of Jango's weapons and who doesn't love to use a jet pack? The game was just mindless fun as far as I remember.

Do you remember the woman that spoke to him through his ear piece? She reminds me of Roz in Monsters Inc. now that I listen to her again! Check out the game below. What Battlefront can take from this experience, is that we really felt like Jango. If they can lend this feeling of authenticity to even the smallest stormtrooper, we'll have a winner!

Star Wars: The Old Republic

In terms of story and characters, Star Wars: Battlefront 3 and those working on it will have their work cut out for them! Of course, I'm sure that storyline won't exactly be their main priority, but we want to feel like we are immersed in the Star Wars universe, and there really has never been anyone that could do it in video games quite like Bioware.

Though not their greatest achievement to date, The Old Republic showed how well Bioware could use the traditional MMO format to make an exciting title. If DICE can do with Star Wars: Battlefront what Bioware did with The Old Republic, then we should a seriously successful FPS on our hands.

The Old Republic
The Old Republic

The Force Unleashed

In terms of force powers in Star Wars: Battlefront, I really hope the designers won't just simply tack it on and make the Jedi or Sith characters just hack-and-slash champions. We should be able to manipulate the force in similar ways that we saw in Force Unleashed, or at least give us the sensation that we are truly in control of the force.

I think it should be ten times harder to become a hero in the new Battlefront game, so that they can focus on making them quite powerful and really expand upon their abilities. What do you guys think? We should see a Jedi on the field and panic!

Star Wars: Force Unleashed
Star Wars: Force Unleashed

Knights of the Old Republic

KOTOR represents, not only how great a Star Wars game can be, but how incredible an RPG world can feel for player. If Star Wars: Battlefront can take anything from this game, then it has to be how Bioware created a story worthy of the Star Wars universe.

I long to have a great campaign in Star Wars: Battlefront 3, whether it be for one or all of the factions that they involve. If DICE could look at the areas that each and every great Star Wars game succeeded in and implement their accomplishments into Battlefront, we really could have a sensational title on the way!


Battlefront & Battlefront 2

It goes without saying that we want Star Wars: Battlefront to include everything that we loved about the original two titles. Just flesh them out, increase those maps and give us new and old areas to blow each other apart in. There's a reason we're looking forward to DICE's game, it's because we loved these titles!

There are obviously plenty of other great Star Wars games out there that I didn't mention, so what else would you say Battlefront can aspire to? What about the space combat, which Star Wars game gave you the feeling that you were really powering an X-Wing or Pod racer?


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