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Oh dear, it's been a while since I've decided to write on Movie Pilot, and unusually enough it's a topic that has nothing to do with Movies, yet seemed to bother me a great deal.

I'm referring to the meta-verse called Second Life, a world in which I have personally been in for nearly ten years now, and one that seemed to catch some flak from another writer on this site, so allow me to explain what Second Life is, why it is what it is, and why previous mentions on this website are poorly misinterpreted.

So with that said, lets start from the beginning.

Second Life was founded by Linden Labs in 2003 (a bit earlier if you include it's alpha) as a means to create a virtual commerce and collaborative creative world. Of which it did become; but the hardest part of doing this article is describing exactly what Second Life is.

For lack of a better description Second Life is every dream you ever wished would happen, placed into a virtual, safer, environment.

In this world you can create anything. I literally mean anything. You want a flying Steam Punk airship?

We have that.
We have that.

(via Second Life Marketplace)

You want a giant sprawling Blade Runner-ish metropolis where people can role play?

We've got that as well, many in fact.

Not to mention graphics have improved drastically since the above video, with the ability to upload custom mesh content into the game, as well as the ability to create and manipulate prims, and upload sculpts, and your own textures, bump maps, shaders, and program each of those uploads to do a specific thing, the creativity is endless.

Now onto some social things.

You want to go to clubs, but are disabled, handicapped, or agoraphobic?

We have those as well, in fact many handicapped people will play Second Life in order to experience many things they may miss in real life, I've met many people in my adventures in Second Life that could not walk, paraplegic, or simply too sick to leave the hospital or home.

On top of the social implications of meeting people internationally we also have the grand experience of creating beautiful artwork and hearing great bands perform live on Second Life through streaming audio.

We've had the likes of Duran Duran set up shop in Second Life, as well as many other fantastic artists set up virtual galleries, and showcases that are absolutely mind blowing in every sense of the term.

On top of that we have a huge gaming community between Role Plays, and a "military" community in which I myself had been involved with.

It's relatively obvious what a Role Play is but the Second Life Military Community is a literal community of First Person Shooting combat, mixed with Strategic thinking, Trolls, and Politics that is the one of the most unique experiences you'll ever run across on the internet.

The video above is old, and the Ordo Imperialis long gone, but the combat and ideology still remains, clashing empires that you are apart of duking it out in epic battles (things have slowed down now, so sort of epic battles).

With as many great things that Second Life has to offer there are also a lot of very, very, unusual things you'll run across in Second Life.

With the ability to do whatever you want in Second Life (within the limits of the law), we also get the other, darker side of Second Life, the side that is less prominent but most certainly there. I won't go into that, please look at the other post on Second Life on that stuff, it is rarely if at all seen in Second Life.

The best way to explain it's existence is to say that Second Life is the living, breathing example of the internet in a 3D work space, rather then read your fantasy stories, Second Life brings them to life, rather than going on to 4Chan to get your daily dose of strange and unusual, Second Life gives us the ability to view it in a more... thorough view.

Just like everything else in this world, we have our weirdos, I invite you to come check out this world, and if you need a guide, talk to me or really anyone on Second Life to help. My name on there is ianzm Dudek, and if I left anything out, I hope other Residents will point it out.

Lets hope next time I write for Movie Pilot again, it won't be about games, or anything non-related to Movies and Television!


Do you feel like Second Life isn't so bad after all?


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