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If you thought that Michael, Trevor and Franklin were the only playable characters in GTA V, think again. In fact, if you thought only humans were playable, you're also wrong!

The extremely successful video game series, Grand Theft Auto, has always let players freely explore its open world setting, allowing them to do pretty much anything they want in its virtual playground. But nothing ever as crazy as this...

Rockstar's next-gen remastering of last year's classic contains a rather intoxicating little secret that players have been having fun with.

You might remember Michael's high-flying psychedelic trip in the original game (pictured above), but now a new kind of drug has hit the streets of Los Santos - one that's quite a bit more potent.

The new version of the game features some well hidden peyote plants that players can collect. If you do, your character will have no qualms about eating the mysterious vegetation, which ends up having some pretty dramatic side-effects. Take a look:

Franklin takes a cheeky little bite of the peyote plant.

But it proves a little too much for him - he passes out cold and reality begins to disintegrate...

...before he wakes back up as a playable chicken!

The best part about this hidden secret is that the developer, Rockstar, has actually re-recorded new dialogue for the characters, so you can listen to Franklin, Trevor and Michael hilariously struggle to come to terms with their new bodies! But it doesn't stop there. The peyote plants can transform your characters into more than just a chicken:

A Seagull!

A Deer (trying to enter a strip club)

A Cow

I'm not even sure quite how many different hallucinogenic experiences are waiting to be had, but there are 27 plants to find. So get hunting and tell us what animals you've managed to turn yourself into!

Watch Franklin's full poultry experience below:


Which animal do you most want to play as?


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