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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Sons of Anarchy regularly gives us hardcore violence and make-your-grandma-blush language. It's a show that has a death count to rival Game of Thrones, but apparently The Parents Television Council have an entirely different reason to be angry: all those darn rude, shocking, naked sexy times in Season 7, Episode 10 'Faith and Despondency'.

PTC president Tim Winter - who clearly has a different definition of 'pornography' from everyone else in the world - raged:

It’s official: In order to watch cable news, ESPN, Disney or the History Channel, every family in America must now also pay for pornography on FX.... If FX wants to be like HBO and air this kind of explicit content, then they should become a premium network … Families should not be forced to underwrite pornography.
Tim Winter was very angry about Jax's bottom
Tim Winter was very angry about Jax's bottom

I'm don't see the problem with a show, which is quite obviously not intended for children, showing some sex scenes. Winter is also confusing his own issue by calling these scenes 'pornography': consumers of actual pornography would be fairly disappointed if they watched the [Sons of Anarchy](series:201186) scenes expected hardcore action!

Of course, we're all entitled to our opinions. Let us know yours below!


Do you think that what was shown on Sons of Anarchy constitutes pornography?

Source: inside EW


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