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Warning: Spoilers and speculation for Season 5 of The Walking Dead ahead!

If there's one thing we know about [The Walking Dead](series:201193), is that it knows how to do a mid-season finale! In Season 4, the show shocked us all with a sneak attack from The Governor and the death of our beloved Hershel, and according to Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman, the Season 5 mid-season finale will be just as epic.

Kirkman recently gave an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, and he dropped some pretty big hints for the upcoming mid-season finale episode, and also promised it will be unlike one we've seen before. He told reporters:

This confrontation is definitely going to be substantially different from the confrontation with The Governor or Gareth. We do continue to evolve these human-to-human conflicts in very interesting ways, and this is no different. There are going to be some pretty unexpected events in our midseason finale, which is as it should be. On a scale of one to 10, I'd say [the midseason finale is] pretty deadly.

"Pretty deadly," what does "pretty deadly" mean?! We need a number, Kirkman!

This statement from Kirkman only backs up what we heard from Executive producer Greg Nicotero back in August, when he told The Huffington Post that the mid-season finale alone would have over 800 walkers!

From what we can gather, it looks like the mid-season finale will probably take place at Grady Memorial Hospital, so over 800 walkers with the danger of Officer Dawn and her brutal police gang, and anything could happen!

We've already speculated that the mid-season finale might appear to be the end for Beth, but even that is up for speculation, as we know Kirkman and The Walking Dead team pride themselves on the fact that no one is safe and after Season 4s sad and intense mid-season finale, I will never underestimate them again.

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Who do you think will die in the mid-season finale?

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