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Now, my borderline obsessive love of Star Wars isn't something I'd ever bother to try to hide - after all, it's been well documented all over the internet. When it involves Star Wars-themed action figures and toys, though - my enthusiasm knows no bounds, at least within this galaxy. When tauntauns are involved, doubly so.

So, when I came across this shiny image of Hasbro's new Millenium Falcon toy, I inevitably got a little over-excited (even if it is only available at Walmart, which is a bit of a downer).

And then I realized how large the thing is.


...over two feet long!

Which is huge...

Which, despite the fact the model can't open up, and doesn't contain even the slightest hint of Han Solo or Chewie, makes this thing downright awesome.

And raises a very serious question: Where in my house can I get away with hanging it, without hitting myself in the head?

What do you guys think, though?


Loving the giant Falcon?

via Geek Tyrant


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