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Ever since 1997, the world has been entertained by the pretty f**ked up adventures of four little boys from South Park, Colorado.

South Park has never really been known for its adherence to continuity (after all, one of their main characters used to die every episode) but the latest season 18 episode may have really screwed up the already admittedly screwed up South Park mythos.

At the end of the episode, titled Grounded Vindaloop, we discover the boys are actually live-action - suggesting South Park kind of occupies the world as we know it. Of course, in reality none of this actually matters since South Park generally resets after each episode, but it was rather interesting to see what the live-action boys would look like. Check out a video of the scene below:

Of course, avid fans of South Park will know this isn't technically the first time we've seen Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman re-imagined in live-action. In the season 16 episode, I Should Never Have Gone Ziplining, a television documentary reenactment recasts the boys with adult actors - parodying shows such as I Shouldn't Be Alive.

Adult actors playing the boys in a re-enactment.
Adult actors playing the boys in a re-enactment.

But even this wasn't the first time. Back in the season 9 episode, Free Willzyx, the boys were also sketched in a photo-realistic style:

Oh, and just for fun, here they are reimagined as anime ninjas in the classic episode, Good Times With Weapons.

Season 18 of South Park continues on Comedy Central.


Which is your favorite version of the South Park boys?

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