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Good news, Lego fans! According to the creators of the original Lego Movie, the sequel is set to solve the only big problem anyone had with the original - its under-representation of female characters.

Now, while The Lego Movie was arguably less problematic in terms of gender balance than most Hollywood blockbusters - with a tough, bad-ass female lead in Wyldstyle, and a charismatic, deranged and hilarious secondary character in Unikitty - it has, understandably, been held to a higher standard than most. After all, it's based on one of (if not the) most beloved and popular children's toys in the world, and, more particularly, one that has been dogged by criticism relating to its Lego Friends range.

The problem with Lego Friends, the argument goes, is that it exists as a 'girl-friendly' version of Lego, which implies that the rest of the traditionally gender-neutral toy company's range is primarily targeted at boys.

Which would, of course, be incredibly problematic on a whole bunch of levels.

Thankfully, the same doesn't look set to be true for The Lego Movie, with writer/director Chris Miller revealing to BBC News that:

"I don't want to give spoilers but there will be more female characters and more female stuff..."

And his co-writer/director Phil Lord adding:

"It's important to us that the movie plays broadly and that we inspire young women as much as we inspire young men...You can feel that the whole movie culture is now starting to wake up to the fact that half the audience are women. Frozen is reflective of that - and I think we are all going to find a great flourishing of women film makers and subject matter in the future."

Now, while I'm not 100% sure what they mean by 'female stuff' - which is hopefully not a euphemism for the same Barbie-alike, 1950's gender roles-influenced Lego Friends - their comments are certainly a sign of progress, and of another step towards an even better Lego sequel...

What do you guys think, though?


Glad there'll be more female characters in The Lego Movie 2?

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