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When the team at Marvel speak, the whole movie-going world tends to tremble. If they're not announcing awesome new movies (or entire upcoming lineups), they're most likely giving us a hint of some sort of plot twist, character introduction, Easter egg or awesome deleted scene.

So, when they recently tweeted an image relating to Phase 3, it's fair to say we got pretty excited - especially as it reveals the entire lineup for almost 3 years.

The only problem?

We kind of already knew all the information it's giving us, from all those previous announcements...

So, the key thing to take away from this kick-ass image?

Marvel's Phase 3 is coming, and it's going to be awesome.

Other than that, we may have already known all this stuff, but it's sure nice to have it in one place, and all official and such...

Now - the big question:

What do you guys think?


Are you super-excited for Phase 3?

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