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With the recent rumours that Kerry Washington is playing Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad, I thought I'd do a rant/list on why the skinny Amanda Waller sucks and why the real Waller is a complete badass respectively.

Amanda Waller is awesome. She's one of my long-time favorite supporting characters in all of DC comics for a multitude of reasons which we'll get to in a minute. But who is she? Well, for the uninitiated, she's a high ranking government operative who has been in charge of many black-ops programmes during her career. She joined government with the mindset of changing the world after her husband and two children were murdered One of her better known achievements is the setting up, and generally successful running of, Task Force X, or as you might know them: Suicide Squad. So now that you're acquainted, let's get started...

No, just no
No, just no

First off, I want to start by saying that I have no idea who the above person is. Sure, people keep calling her Amanda Waller, and she even sometimes acts a little like Amanda Waller, but I sure as hell don't recognise her. The Ms. Waller that I know sure as hell doesn't weigh any less than a small hippo, let alone have an almost unrealistically thin waistline. Now, I'm making light of this situation, but there is a genuinely important and relevant issue underneath all of my joking. You see, before the New 52, Amanda Waller was one of the very, very few comic book characters not drawn like a model. Which was a big deal, because not everyone in the real world is a model. There's a lot of debate on how over-the-top-perfect people (mainly women) are drawn in comics, and while that's a topic for another time, if ever, it's true that it presents unrealistic role models for youth like me. But Amanda Waller was the exception. She was straight up obese, and still managed to kick a lot more ass than half of the Justice League tended to. In that regard, she was a sort of icon in the world of comics, showing that despite what every other character portrayed, anyone of any ethnicity, and any size can be inherently awesome.

So, when the New 52 retconned her to have yet another model-like figure, it left a lot of people, myself included, very pissed off. So yeah, DC? Bring the real Waller back. Phew. So now that I've got that elephant out of the room, I can continue with why Amanda Waller is awesome. So thanks for sticking with me through that massive as paragraph.

That's more like it
That's more like it

She's ruthless

If I had a choice to have either Amanda Waller or Batman hunting me down, I'd go with Batman in a heartbeat. Because at the end of the day, there's always the guarantee that he won't ever kill me. But Waller? She'll murder me without even batting an eye and then hush it up so that no-one ever knows. She appreciates that the only way to stop super-villains permanently is to put them down. And the scary thing? She has complete due restriction to do that. As an important government operative, she can basically do whatever the hell she wants as long as she can give any reason to justify it. If Captain Boomerang decides he wants out of the Suicide Squad, then he's dead. And in a world where we saw Superman cause the death of... a lot of people, it's going to be really interesting to see how this government top dog deals with the clash of Batman and Superman, which is inevitably going to cause quite a big stir. She's frequently put in charge of projects like C.A.D.M.U.S. (in the 'Justice League' cartoon, which portrayed her perfectly) which means that in this movie universe, she could quite easily be the one to come up with contingencies to deal with the Justice League, or any threat that the League can't contain. And those plans will more likely than not involve any antagonists of the Earth's interests getting the axe.

She's intelligent

Amanda Waller is one of the few humans to ever (in my mind) reach an intellect that's in the same league as the Batman. I'm not saying she's smarter, bu there are definitely things she can rival him on, and even a few situations where she can (and has) outsmart him. As previously mentioned, Task Force X isn't the limit of her black-ops involvement, and she has run many scientific projects like the aforementioned C.A.D.M.U.S. She has both the resources, the intellect and the guts to stand up to anyone. Including Superman himself. Not only does she have the brains to do all of these things, but she makes you totally buy it. And if you disagree with her, you're either wrong, you're dead, or you're Batman. Those are your three options.

She's intimidating

One of the main issues with the New 52 Waller (beyond the socially important ones) is that she is in no way intimidating. I mean, I can totally buy this:

as seen above
as seen above

But in no way, does this intimidate anyone, ever:

along with a perfect shot of her cleavage, why DC?
along with a perfect shot of her cleavage, why DC?

I remember reading Waller's first arrival in comics, (not at the time of release of course, as the character's about twice as old as me) where an old-school military colonel, Rick Flagg goes to her office for a meeting and is absolutely shocked to see an overweight, black woman waiting for him. And yet, before he can even begin to try and bring her down for who she is, Waller proceeds to own his ass in the space of a second. One of the main underlying points to her character is that she's picked herself up out of the dirt, dusted herself off and decided that no-one in the world is ever going to push her around. To that end, she couldn't care what you think of her, or what anyone thinks of her. Because she knows that there's a 99.9% chance of her being the victor at the end of the day. Which is what makes her so intimidating. The effortlessness with which she puts a team of super-villains in their place speaks for itself. She doesn't waste words explaining in intricate detail how they'll die if they try to escape, she waits for one of them to desert and then blows their head off as an example. And that is one scary boss to have.

Wrapping Up...

So that's why we need to see Amanda "the wall" Waller in 'Suicide Squad' and why she'll be absolutely awesome. But do you agree or disagree? Do you think that the suicide squad can work without her? Either way, feel free to let me know in the comments below and until next time guys, enjoy your lives!!!


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