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Ah, yes, Filmation Studios...... a time in my life when I knew that cartoons during the week and Saturday morning were awesome! It was 5 am, I grabbed the cereal and the milk, plopped myself in front of the 13' dial television in the living room and went for it. It was sad for me when they closed their doors in the early part of the new millenium and all of my childhood memories were gone forever. Most people actually do not know who they are or anything except for the people that (like myself) that I call 'toonatics'. We're the guys that love anything and everything that there is to know about animation. Whether it be ink and paint, stop-motion, or CGI, we're the guys that are consistently looking for new information about the past, present, and future of this pop culture genre.

For those of you who don't know, Filmation was the studio to beat for almost thirty plus years in the animation market for the small screen and silver screen, and were responsible for both live-action and animated hits that aired on the various networks such as CBS, ABC, and NBC back in the day. It was this studio that had sparked my interest in cartoon so much when I was young. I drove my parents absolutely insane! Today, I actually still do. (*laughs).

But, as I sit back and listen to the old theme songs and watch the occassional episode or ten on You Tube, I began to realize that those good old days that I call 'the Rennaisance of Saturday Morning TV' were gone, but that did not mean that I still couldn't share this with the world. So, here I am in front of my computer on Wednesday morning with a cup of coffee and doing some major research.

Lou Scheimer (*who owned the studio), to me was a real genius when it came to animation in those days. Not only did this studio know how to make a great cartoon, they also knew how to speak to children in ways that even parents then had often admired. I learned a lot, and wirth animation today, it's there but only inwhat I call the 'two-plus-two equals four' way. These shows to me taught you so much more, and a lot of it had to deal with the human heart and the way that you treated people and the way that you walked in life.

I would like to share this with you, so that you could understand what I mean about those shows that I grew up with and maybe you had to. Below is my special tribute to those times as well as to Lou Scheimer himself. If you are reading this, Lou, God bless you and may your life be happy. I laso want to day: thank you!

Now, without further ado, lets turn back the hands of time:

1) Rod Rocket (1963-First show from the studio)

2) The New Adventures of Superman (1966)

3) Dick Digit (1960's Unaired Pilot- VERY RARE!)

I have know Filmation for years, but I am surprised that this never made it to the airwaves! It is so good! It looks likeit also contains some other great spots, so ENJOY!

4) The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure (1967-1968)

Again, more great stuff! Enjoy!

5) Journey to The Center Of The Earth (*1967 ABC)

6) Fantastic Voyage (1968 ABC)

7) Aquaman (1968)

8) The Archie Show (1968)

9) The Batman/Superman Hour (1968-1969 CBS)

10) The Adventures of Batman (1968-1970 CBS)

11) The Archie Comedy Hour (1969)

12) The Hardy Boys (1969 ABC)

Ah... the 1960's. The very beginnings of those cartoon memroies that I have learned to cherish. I hope you have all enjoyed them.

But guess what? I am not done! My next section will get into the 1970's period with Filmation, where not only were there adapted works, but also some great originals. Stay tuned!


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