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The 1960's were but a short prelude to what was coming next with this studio. They had barely gotten their feet wet, but when the 1970's rolled around, Lou and his crew were still hard at work, and everything they did was turning into magic for them! Kids across the US and probably the world were tuning in, looking for the next big thing to happen, and believe me, they delivered!

The 70's was when I first began noticing them, as I was barely out of training pants and disco was king. During this time, Filmation did not just do animated shows but began venturing into live-action projects as well. From comedy, to action, to science fiction (and sometimes a combination thereof), Lou was creating a gold mine of imagination that kids were turning to as often as they could.

Like anything, animation is an evolutionary process, and also like anything, studios had to take risks that may or may not have paid off in the end. But, in this time, these were some of the best shows that I ever loved! I still remember driving my older sister nuts whne she couldn't have the remote (laugh).

But, before I digress, let's move the clock forward a little, and check what Lou left behind in his Saturday morning legacy:

1) Will The Real Jerry Lewis Please Sit Down? (1970, ABC)

2) Sabrina and Groovy Ghoulies (1970 CBS and ABC)

3) Archie's Funhouse (1970 CBS)

4) Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids (1972 CBS)

Bill Cosby, God Bless You! One of my favorites that I never missed. Go Brown Hornet!

5) The Brady Kids (1972-1974 ABC)

I thought my mom and dad were going to shoot me for this one because they ABSOLUTELY HATED THIS SHOW! I didn't like the real one, but I LOVED THIS ONE!

6) Lassie's Rescue Rangers (1973-1975 ABC)

Never send a pair of chipmunks to do a dog's job!

7) Star Trek: The Animated Series (1973-1974 NBC)

For all of you Trekkies out there, I found this one by accident. It's the entire series! ENJOY!

8) My Favorite Martians (1973 CBS)

A homage to Ray Walston and Billy Bixby in animated form. Who says that you can't remake the greats?

9) Mission:Magic! (1973 ABC)

Rick Springfield won't comment on this, (*just like he hates being asked about 'Jessie's Girl'!) But hey, a gig's a gig, right?

10) The U.S. Of Archie (1974 CBS)

The Archie gang teaching US History? One word: AWESOME!

11) The New Adventures of Gilligan (1974 ABC)

I never knew there was an animated 'Gilligan's Isle' except for 'Gilligan's Planet'! I just learned something new!

12) Shazam! (1974 CBS)

Captain Marvel? Captain YES! It's too bad though that he's kind of a bad guy now and keeps trying to kick Superman's butt...........

13) The Secret Lives of Waldo Kitty (1975 NBC)

A kitty cat and his weird dreams? Okay, I have to admit, intriguing!!

14) The Secrets of Isis (1975 CBS)

My sister, if my memories serve, loved this show! Me, I was more preferential to cartoons myself....but..........

15) The Ghost Busters (1975 CBS)

It has literally been years since I have seen this, and I can't believe how much I still laugh!

16) Uncle Croc's Block (1975 ABC)

Charles Nelson Reilly at his best! RIP

17) Tarzan, Lord Of The Jungle (1976 CBS)

This cartoon I never missed! What was so nice was that my dad loved it and never missed an episode! Cherished memories for me with this one with dear old Dad!

18) Ark II (1976 CBS)

The first series that I have ever seen or heard of that talks about our dwindling planet and the abuse of it for using up resources. A masterpiece!

19) The New Adventures of Batman (1977 CBS)

Another series with the Dark Knight, with the inclusion of Batgirl and their newest and cutest member , Bat-Mite!

20) Space Academy (1977 CBS)

Can anyone say 'Space Camp', via 1977?

21) Space Sentinels (1977 CBS)

I wonder if this was where the idea for 'Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers' came from?

22) The New Archie and Sabrina Hour (1977 NBC)

Between the Archies and Batman, I am starting to see a trend.......

23) Sabrina-Super Witch (1977 NBC)

The first segment that aired! Enjoy!

24) Tarzan and the Super Seven (1978 CBS)

Another one of the great shows that they produced! Watched as often as I could.

25) Fabulous Funnies (1978 NBC)

Filmation's take on old classic newspaper strips........

26) The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse with Heckle and Jeckyl (1979-1981 CBS)

I could only find the CBS spot promoing the show. Sorry, guys!

27) Jason Of Star Command (1979 CBS)

It may look cheesy compared to today, but I still LOVE IT!

28) The New Adventures of Flash Gordon (1979-1980 NBC)

Another great all-time cartoon based on a character that I have always loved. Igf you have never seen it, take the time!

29) The Brown Hornet (* segment of Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids) (1979 CBS)

'And they miraculously escaped...... UNHARMED!'

30) Sport Billy (1979 NBC)

In Oregon where I grew up, this show was on UHF channel 22 when UHF was still big. Every Sunday at 10 am, I would watch this and other shows like Popples and Ulysses 3131. What can I say? We Oregonian kids had it good on Sunday!

The 1970's were huge for Filmation, as you can see, producing nearly thirty shows in that decade alone. While most were typically one season, the ones that really stuck lasted for almost two to three (which is of course a standard run). But, the memories for me that lasted with these great shows still lingers on, and like any great 'toonatic', I give homage to the pioneers that lasted for so long as I can never remember when I have had so much fun!

But, the fun isn't over yet! We now move to the 1980's, when Filmation made its move and became the powerhouse that we had known it to be. I don't want to blow too much, but I will tell you that you will be in for more surprises to come. Stay Tuned!

On a final note, what were your favs from the 70's, 80's, or anytime? I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR ABOUT THEM! Just leave me your picks in the comments box below. For the one that gets the most wins, I will do a special article just for that person and do a full expose! C'mon guys, give me your shout-outs! I will be holding this until Jan 31st, 2013!


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