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Beginning ten years after the events of [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](movie:203942), [X-Men: Apocalypse](movie:1194267) will continue the altered timeline created by Wolverine's trip to the past. While this event has done some wonderful reparative surgery on Fox's X-Men narrative (specifically allowing us to forget all about The Last Stand), it has also opened the door to cast some younger actors in the roles of Jean Grey and Cyclops. The romantic partners and all-around badasses will be teenagers during the battle against Apocalypse, and the list of actors who are being considered has made its way online.

Bryan Singer's plan is to find a high-profile actress for Jean, but he's seeking an unknown for the Cyclops role.

So who's on the shortlist for Jean Grey?

Chloe Moretz, Elle Fanning, and Hailee Steinfeld

Moretz, Fanning, and Steinfeld
Moretz, Fanning, and Steinfeld

This is kind of a who's who of today's promising young actresses. We've got the prolific headliner who's already nailed a comic book role, the ingenue with models and the Fanning legacy to maintain, and the Academy Award nominee with some serious acting chops. These three always seem to be vying for the same roles (*cough* Katniss Everdeen *cough*), but do any of them have what it takes to be Jean Grey?

Out of these options, fans seem to be pushing for Hailee Steinfeld. She's played commanding females before, and she's always had a talent for highly emotional scenes. Plus, she's gained enough name recognition to be a draw for older and younger audiences alike. However, Chloe has been plenty of experience in action movies, and Elle would bring the empathetic, intellectual aspect of Jean's personality.

This shortlist has not prevented fans from throwing around some other names. Shailene Woodley, Bella Thorne, Sophie Turner, Saoirse Ronan, and Molly Quinn have all been suggested, with many people pushing for a natural redhead this time around.

And, who is in the running for Cyclops?

Ben Hardy, Charlie Rowe, and Timothee Chalamet

Hardy, Rowe, Chalamet
Hardy, Rowe, Chalamet

Much less recognizable than the ladies, all of these young lads would be getting their huge break by playing Cyclops. Hardy is most known for his role on British soap EastEnders and for modeling without his shirt (seriously, it was shockingly difficult to find a picture of him clothed). Rowe currently stars in Red Band Society as an amputee undergoing rehab. Chalamet was most recently seen in Interstellar playing Matthew McConaughey's son.

Rumor has it that Ben Hardy is the best bet, but he does not bear a strong resemblance to James Marsden. If that becomes a major factor, then Chalamet will almost certainly take this one. With their relative lack of experience and notoriety, this roster feels way more up in the air than Jean's.

Logan Lerman and Jared Gilman's names have been tossed around by fans, but if Singer is adamant about finding an unknown, their casting seems unlikely.

Jean Grey and Cyclops will join romantically-entwined Magneto and Mystique, who have major roles in X-Men: Apocalypse. No matter who gets cast, it will be interesting to see just how much screen time the teenagers get in this particular movie. We already know that Magneto, Mystique, Wolverine, and Beast will be hogging most of the spotlight, so this could be a way to introduce these characters for future standalone projects.

While I'm ecstatic these new roles are getting off the ground, I can't help but wonder WHERE is the casting report for Storm? When the original reports came out about the younger versions of certain X-Men, Ororo was always included alongside Jean and Scott. I know who my money's on:

I'm begging you, Singer, PLEASE do a punk Storm.
I'm begging you, Singer, PLEASE do a punk Storm.

LUPITA! Why not add another Oscar winner to the mutant mix?

Who would you cast for Jean Grey and Cyclops? And while we're at it, throw in your fancasts for Storm too!


Out of those on the shortlist, who's the most deserving of a role in 'X-Men: Apocalypse'?


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