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That's right, boys and girls! In 1977, the greatest boxing athlete of all time allowed himself to be animated and placed in his own cartoon show for a short span of time. Entitled I Am The Greatest! : The Adventures of Muhummad Ali, kids were allowed to see the boxer doing multitudes of grandiose and great things, such as be an astronaut in space, wrestling alligators in the deep South, and also flying barnstorming airplanes! While sports athletes being animated is not a major stretch, it honestly really surprised me for the King of Boxing himself.

For almost thirty plus years, I had been trying to remember a cartoon where I had seen a boxer as well as a man wrestling an alligator. Now, just today while I was surfing YouTube, I find it! It had been driving me completely nuts and now I finally have an answer to all of those questions, such as 'what the heck does a boxer have to do with cartoons?'

It first aired in the fall of 1977 on NBC, where the Great One used his own voice for the animated character. But, by 1978, the animated series was cancelled and there was no reason given. There were a total of thirteen episodes to the series, but there has been limited exposure as I have only been able to find three of the thirteen.

I also have only been able to find a little bit of information about it, and because it was so short-lived , there's hardly any information about the series itself anywhere on the web. But, if anyone finds more, let me know!

As a researcher and lover of all things animated, I am always looking for more info on a particular subject, such as the cross-reference between the Great One and a short-lived animated series.

But, I also thought that I would share what I found with all of you and ask for your thoughts . For now, here is what I could find. What do you think?

So, as you can see, anything is possible in the world of sports!


What did you guys think of this? Did Ali pull it off?


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