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This is my first post here, so bare with me. Well it's Wednesday, which means that the new [The Flash](series:1068303) episode aired last night! Despite the presence of yet another underwhelming and underdeveloped villain, "The Flash is Born" may be one of the strongest episodes in the series thus far in regards to an overarching plot/villain for the season.

WARNING: Spoilers to follow!

First off let me state my bias: I am a HUGE Flash fan, so (according to my wife) I am either too critical of things or not critical enough others in the show. My biggest issue with this show so far though isn't content based, it is the cheesiness of some of the acting. Primarily, any heartfelt scene with Iris and Barry. I just have to remind myself that Arrow started off this exact same way, but has gotten SO MUCH better as the actors have "become" their characters. So if this is something that is bugging you about the show, try to stick with it and I'm sure it will get better.

The other thing that has irked me some about this show is how almost every episode villain so far has been forgettable and underdeveloped. The one exception (in my opinion) was Captain Cold, but that may because I was so excited to see The Rouges starting to form. With that said, the underdevelopment of the villain in "The Flash is Born" frustrated more than the others. Tony (a.k.a. Girder) made his first appearance in this episode, which I was pretty stoked about when I saw the preview for this episode. Why? Because Girder is another member of The Rouges––albeit a lesser member, but a Rouge nonetheless. I appreciate the shows creators for their attempted creativity in tying Tony and Barry together as childhood bully and victim, but the flashback of them in school fell flat (partly due to the bad acting in the scene). All in all, the inclusion of Girder felt rushed. The fact that he ended up in the particle accelerator prison also has me worried that other members of The Rouges are going to end up there as they are introduced and it will become a cop-out for the creators of the show to end their episodes.

No that I have gotten my issues with the episode out of the way, let me get to why it was AMAZING! If you watched last weeks episode "Plastique", then you probably thought it was awesome to see Barry finally run up a building and run over water (I know I was on the edge of my seat and shouted "FINALLY" when he ran on water). While that was fantastic to see, it kind of fed into the argument of "the Flash isn't that great. All he can do is run fast." FALSE!!! This weeks episode gave Flash fans another thing to cheer about, when you see Barry use his "sonic-boom punch." So awesome. The other thing that made this episode great was all of the new info about Harrison Wells.

If you have been keeping up with The Flash so far this season then you know that at the end of each episode we keep getting more pieces to the puzzle that is Dr. Harrison Wells (a name that has not existed in the Flash's universe until now BTW). There are many theories out there attempting to figure out who exactly the "good" doctor is; the most prominent guesses are Future Flash, and Professor Zoom (a.k.a. The Reverse Flash, depending on the comics you're reading–go here for more info Personally, as much as the hints are dropped that Dr. Wells is Zoom, I feel like this would be too easy. I could be wrong (as I like shows to throw in twists for the viewers), but I think a future Barry is more likely. This theory is kind of dismantled by the ending of episode 2, but he did stab Simon Stagg to protect Barry. I think it would be amazing if Zoom did come back from the future to kill Barry and his mom, but future Barry also came back in attempts to stop the murder but was only able to save young Barry by moving him a few blocks away and is staying in the present to train Barry and keep an eye on Zoom (which may actually be Eddy Thawne).

"But what about the scene at the end of the episode where the yellow Flash threatens Joe and steals all of the case files." The obvious thought is that Joe was getting too close to Dr. Wells' true identity, but what if there was something that Eddy doesn't want Joe to find? This is just as likely since Joe and Eddy are partners and Eddy can see what files Joe is looking at.

Do you have a different theory/idea? Let me know in the comments!


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