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If you want to watch a video that will make you want to book a one-way ticket to Disney World then you came to the right place. And look at that, all if took was a video of one of their fireworks shows. Some of you might be thinking, "Well, that's old hat. I've seen them all." But I bet most of you have never seen them like this.

Disney really stepped up their game by making this short video of Wishes Nighttime Spectacular. They not only hit the zoom button so that we could see a closeup of the action, but they also put it in slow motion. Amazing, beautiful, magical, etc. My tickets are bought and my bags are packed.

Freakin' Disney, man. How do they do it? I remember being 8 and loving their fireworks shows, but I also remember being 21 and loving them even more. If you don't shed at least one happy tear during Fantasmic you're a monster.

Disney Studios
Disney Studios

The people behind the Wishes Nighttime Spectacular want to know, what is your Disney wish? I can't say with absolute certainty that magic exists, but if it does, it lives at Disney Studios. So maybe it has a chance!


When was the last time you went to Disney World or Disneyland?


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