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Today on my neverending dig through the interwebs to find the best fan-made content, I was wowed by this collection of fanart of the Avengers, plus some friends. The Captain America piece caught my eye first, and I loved how recognizable he was even without lines or details. I loved the gradient effect from blue to red, and the dripping bits reminiscent of trailing blood. Not overdone, but effective.

The watercolor series comes to us courtesy of amazing French artist Clementine, AKA Blule, whose Sydney-based business ranges from the industrial design, to as we see here, cool superhero illustrations.

I have to say, while I love all kinds of art, the vast majority of fanart you tend to see (at least the most showcased) is digital. And while I have mad respect for digital artists (hell, I am one myself!), I love, love, love seeing awesome traditional art. Pencil, ink, and here, watercolor. This might be the first watercolor fanart of superheroes I've ever seen, and that makes it stick right out in my mind. Hell yes, artists taking the unbeaten path and making their art their own!

The splatter effect here is great; it suggests rising gunsmoke, and the wash near the bottom is abstract but solid enough to give the idea of surroundings.

I love how the shadows and muscle tone are made of repeated thin layers of paint. Watercolor is one of the harder media to control and make precise, but Blule gets small details down really well.

Now I'll stop art-nerding, and let you enjoy the rest of the series! Thanks so much for your work, Blule!


Which one is your favorite?


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